How to contribute during the season of giving

How to contribute during the season of giving

While many of us are receiving gifts this holiday season, it can be beneficial to give back to the community. Take the time to make the holidays special for someone in need.


As a kid, I was always taught the importance of appreciating the things that I had and knowing the ways I could give back in return. You hold the power to make the holiday's more enjoyable for others this season. My goal is to instill this tradition of giving to the less fortunate in others. There are small ways you can give back that you may have never thought of that are as simple as the click of a button. I also realize that money can be tight, but there are ways that you can give back to only require your time. It is the perfect time of year to focus on gratitude for what you have and see where you have room to share your time and love. I'll be giving you a list of different ways you can give through donations, volunteering, or random acts of kindness.

1) Activate your Amazon Smile

I know many of you are using Amazon to shop for various Christmas presents, but did you know that you can help make donations with your purchase? By using Amazon Smile you can pick from categories of charities or one you may know about. If you go through this program adjacent to Amazon then a portion of your total price will go to the chosen charity, with no extra cost to you!

2) Act of kindness for local first responders

You can call the departments non-emergency number to find out how many officers or firefighters will be there. You can then follow by dropping off some goodies, cards of gratitude, or anything else you feel moved to do. It can be difficult working shifts away from their families, so this can be good act to lift their spirits.

3) Write letters deployed military members

Once again it can be difficult to be so far away from their families during the holiday's, and what is a better way to give back than express your gratitude for their service? They could be someone from your hometown or online there are organizations who specialize in sending goodies and letters the the troops overseas. You can bring them some joy during their hardworking holidays.

4) Drive-thru

It can be easy to pay for the person's behind you food. It can also be an easy loophole for those who do not bode well with social interactions. It is an easy way to brighten someone's day and put a smile on their face.

5) Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Nothing could be worse than being stuck as a young kid in the hospital during Christmas time. You can bring a little bit of magic into their day by going through this organization to touch a sick child's heart. This is a really easy and quick way to help give back to younger kids during the holidays, and it can also be really fun it you like crafts.

6) Donate to The Joy of Sox

This organization will take donations of socks to spread to the homeless. You can make consecutive donations throughout the year or just a one time donation. Any amount you can give will help those in need. Socks are often a forgotten donation to make, but it can be vital to their safety and comfort on the streets.

7) Check-in with local churches

During this season, almost every church is doing collections or volunteer opportunities in the neighboring communities. It can be as quick signing your name to help give a hand to those in need. Some churches are just collecting items, which is as easy as dropping off the goods.

8) Donate goods to your local food drive

Collecting canned foods and nonperishables is a good way of helping those during the holidays. The donation can give hope to families in need to have food during the holidays. Starvation is a serious concern in America, and these donations can help subside the hunger for those suffering.

9) Take animal goods to a local animal shelter. I

Anything from animal food, collars, blankets, or towels will help make a difference to help these animals until they find their forever home. It can even be an option to volunteer if you are given the opportunity to donate your time to the care taking of these animals.

10) Toy donations

We all remember the special feeling that you got opening toys on Christmas morning, but some kids do not get to feel that joyful feeling. So a local option is The Salvation Army toy drive, which accepts toys so they can give to the less fortunate kids during the holidays. You can help to make their Christmas extra special this year.

I hope some of you use these options to give back this Christmas. It can make a world of difference to those in need or to those serving their time this season. I always remembered taking place in some form of giving back during this time as a kid, and it was a humbling experience that helped me to be grateful for what I have. Let's all join in to making these holiday's better for those around us.

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