As I've grown older, I have become a much more pessimistic person. Over the last few years I have started to realize how sad and painful the real world can be sometimes. People are constantly dying or fighting or sad or just plain awful. These realizations about the world that I used to believe was nothing but sunshine and rainbows has almost hardened me in a way.

I'm less surprised when bad things happen, not because I want them to happen, but because I have started to come to terms with the fact that our world is not perfect. And bad things happen.

Now, I am not Ms. Doom and Gloom all the time or anything, I have just become much more likely to not expect much so as not to be let down.

However, I have also learned how to deal with these realizations that the world is not perfect with happy endings all the time.

We have to learn to hold onto the good moments; a lot of the time I feel myself being sucked into the idea that the world is bad place but I need to remember that a lot of the time there is a lot more good than bad.

This is, of course, not true for everyone but the reason that the bad sticks so close to us is because it hurts the most. It inflicts the most amount of emotion into us and so we tend to remember that moment more than the moments of happiness or joy or laughter or friendship or love.

It's all a bit sad when we think about it. Once I came to this realization I began to catch myself reflecting on sad or embarrassing times more so than the happy times. And that in itself is not helpful.

In order to bring more happiness into a world that has so many undeniably bad things happening in it, we need to remember to hold onto the good moments and memories.

In times of adversity, we need to find the strength in ourselves to relive those happy times because if we do not we will only begin to despair.

A world full of nothing but despair is a world doomed.

It's a difficult task at times, especially when you find yourself so close to tragedy and sadness at certain points in your life. And you may be wondering when it will end, but keep your head up.

Be strong and remember that good times are around the corner. And the good times were just yesterday, do not forget about them when you feel as if you have lost hope.

It's okay to be sad and to mourn, do not feel like you are failing if you are upset. Your feelings are always valid but when/if you want to be reminded that the world is not hopeless, think of the good moments of yesterday and the even better moments to come.

Because they are on their way.