How To Be An Adventurer
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How To Be An Adventurer

Adventures are not about a destination on a map, but a thirst in our hearts to chase the unknown.

How To Be An Adventurer

How do you become an adventurer? "You must go wherever the wifi is weak." That's the simple answer, but being an adventurer is more than just going on a vacation with an itinerary, it means pulling out the map and getting out of your comfort zone just a little bit. In the book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert went on her way to Bali with not even have a plan as to what she was doing. Despite having a vague plan, there are some things every adventurer needs to know.

1. Explore everything

I'm not just talking about other states or nations, explore everything in your hometown. Go to the state and national parks and hike the trails that are there. Go to the festivals and experience the traditions in your own state and make every little tradition, town, and restaurant known to yourself. Once you've accumulated it all, move on to other places. Have a holy curiosity about everything.

2. When traveling, ditch the Interstate

Yes, it's more convenient and faster, but it's also boring. You drive on the same road for miles and see gas station after gas station and pass up five Waffle Houses. You really don't see as much except congested roads. However, when you take the highway, it's mostly open and you actually get to see the beautiful countryside filled with open fields and colorful places.

3. Invest in a Polaroid

Nothing to it, take pictures of all the beautiful places with your friends and keep them in a photo book treasure them. At the same time, though, don't hide behind your camera, some views are meant to be kept inside your mind.

4. Record all your adventures

You don't have be the best writer in the world, but recording about the places you've been will help you remember them. The best part is going back and reading about the places you've been and how they made you feel. That will let you relive the memories.

5. Bring the bare necessities

Sometimes, ladies, it is best to ditch the makeup, and guys you don't need every piece of tech there is. Sometimes all you need is clothes, a pair of shades and a full tank of gas and you're ready to go. Material goods will literally wear you down, and when you're focused on your stuff you miss out on the experience.

6. Discover your inner child

We all have an inner child who occasionally comes out whenever we become passionate about something. For me, it's whenever I see mountains that I become giddy and excited, and my inner child wants to get out of the car and take a 5-mile long hiking trip. However, hiking isn't everyone's cup a tea. Others like to kayak down the Mississippi or wander downtown in their favorite city. Whatever it is, chase it.

Thankfully, adventures are not about a destination on a map, but a thirst in our hearts to chase the unknown. Chase your adventure.

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