Whether you admit it or not, I'm sure that your first year of college either went really well... or really wrong.

To be fair, every student is different. You have your fair share of the studious, those who are in the library grinding day after day, passing every test, and gaining a 4.0 GPA; you have the partiers, those who go out every night, forget that they are paying an expensive tuition, and barely go to class; the athletes, those who go to class because they have to, travel for games, and work out 24/7; and those in Greek life, those who join and became incredibly philanthropic, possibly party too much, and have one big, happy family. I'm sure there are a large number of groups that I'm excluding but either way, there are several different cliques in college.

How is the transition from high school to college, you ask? Amazing! Liberating! Freeing! But the question becomes: how much freedom is too much freedom? You go from nights where you attend class 5 days a week, from 7 AM to 2 PM, your parents constantly telling you what to do, what you can and can't wear, where you can and can't go, who you can and can't hang out with, and most importantly: what time you have to be home! All of a sudden, in a short span of three months, you have all the freedom you could have ever asked for! You can stay out until 5 in the morning, you can skip all the classes you want, and you can eat out as many times as you want!

With that being said, how many students drop out of school? They can't manage their time well and as a result, they didn't do their homework, they're out partying night after night, they have no money because they keep going and eating out, the most obvious one: they skip all their classes!

I can admit, my first semester of college, I went out my fair share of times. Luckily for me, the scene got old! I didn't want to pay cover, I didn't want to buy drinks, I didn't want boys constantly groping me, and I was so tired of doing my makeup! I was raised in a strict household, my parents barely let me stay out until 10 PM! I'm currently 19 years old and my parents still don't let me sleepover whenever I come home!

Rather than going "wild" and continually going out night after night, I went wild another way! While I definitely am not saying that this is a better option or that everyone should do this too, I definitely love how it changed me!

What did I do, you ask? Well, I went piercing crazy! My parents hold the strict belief that anything other than your first holes (in terms of your ear) is body mutilation! While I have always wanted a belly button piercing, I would never get one while living with my parents. If they knew that I had one then they really might make me drop out of FSU and come home! One night I got my belly button pierced at Empire Tattooz on Pensacola, and ever since, I've been hooked! I have gone back on separate occasions to get my second holes pierced, then my third holes, and last but not least, my industrial! I came into my freshman year of college with two piercings and I left with nine!

Fun fact: My parents still have no idea! Hard to believe that they don't notice a large bar through my ear (the industrial) but lucky for me, they're completely oblivious!

So just remember, there are other ways to rebel in college, or "go wild." You don't have to party or do drugs! At least with piercings, you don't have to worry about being hungover or about boys creepily following you around!