How Microtransactions Are Affecting The Video Game Industry
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How Microtransactions Are Affecting The Video Game Industry

A Brief Look At The Role Microtransactions Play In Today's Video Games

How Microtransactions Are Affecting The Video Game Industry
Pixa Bay

Every year the technology that powers the gaming industry grows stronger resulting in games that are more evolved than we would have expected in the past. A lot of gaming studios have taken advantage of this power to create classic games such as the Destiny and Call Of Duty franchises. However, with technology driving society into a more digitally controlled era we see more and more of these gaming companies attempting to capitalize on the fact that gamers can now spend actual money in the games that they spend hours playing.

While companies attempt to give their own explanation behind these microtransactions, a lot of consumers are upset that game developers attempt to milk even more money on top of the ascending game prices.

These leaves us with the question of how microtransactions have affected the integrity of video games. For the most part, they have a positive effect as they allow the company to gain more money to put into the development of games that will soon hit store shelves, however, microtransactions have also had some negative effects.

For example, some microtransactions take away from games in the fact that they allow gamers to access the best gear in the game that takes the gamers that refuse to support microtransactions hours to obtain. This doesn't sit well with the gaming community as it can cause a pretty significant skill gap in multiplayer games.

Something that game developers have been doing recently that really has gamers against microtransactions is locking exclusive in-game gear that can only be obtained through microtransactions. During the early stages of the video game industry all aspects of video games were somehow accessible to gamers through tasks in the game, however, if you want the special armor that has a Victorian style pattern on it or the special gun the shoots red laser beams instead of blue laser beams in today's video game era you are required to spend an additional ten to twenty dollars.

This defeats the purpose of spending hours grinding to get the gear that you want, and as a result, some gaming companies have developed games that seem to have been designed around microtransaction instead of gamers spending hundreds of hours playing to earn the in-game gear.

Microtransactions are the result of game developers capitalizing on the fact that gamers are often willing to impulse purchase in-game items. This is becoming more evident recently, as recent games have featured some questionable microtransactions that have made some game severely unbalanced.

While gaming developers are in control of how they implement microtransactions into the business model of their video games, gamers must become more aware of the microtransactions they purchase.

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