How Industry Leaders Plan To Become Business Disruptors In 2023
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How Industry Leaders Plan To Become Business Disruptors In 2023


digital disruptor

Businesses always innovate to introduce something new and popularize a product or service,

moving up the market through non-conventional business models. In the business world, disruptors are the brands that make history. The best examples include IBM, Starbucks, and Netflix.

In 2017, the Australian Institute of Business published an article highlighting Netflix as the ultimate digital disruptor. Netflix killed Blockbuster, bringing newly-produced television shows and movies into homes through connected devices. This subscription-based platform changed the way people perceive entertainment.

According to the Statista report last October 19, 2022, Netflix generated USD$30 billion in 2021, with an increasing year-on-year growth because of its high subscription rate, particularly popular in Canada and Scandinavia. Netflix’s unique concept and technology make the company a big business disruptor, with competitors struggling to match what the company can offer to make your home more spacious

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Business leaders learn good lessons from Netflix and other business disruptors. Find out how industry leaders plan to become business disruptors in 2023.

Tailor Playbooks

Personalizing customer experience by providing tailor-fit solutions is one of the best ways to discover the entry points of business disruption.

“Not unless a business understands what a customer really wants, it cannot move on the ladder and find its way above the rest.”, said Nat Miletic, Owner and CEO of Clio Websites. He added, “I always consider each client as unique. Each business deserves an excellent-performing website. I want to change how small business owners think of web design and digital marketing. They don’t have to pay for the services they don’t need in the first place.”

“That’s why I plan to position my company as the top go-to agency where small businesses can get assurance of a high rank in search engines. This plan will only become possible by adding more innovative services, such as exploring web design services related to Web3 and the metaverse. I know this bold move is challenging, but we are ready for it. It’s now or never. I also plan to add helpful website features, such as self-help tools for online users to gauge what they really need and what we can offer.”, Miletic added.