Quotes from How I met Your mother
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10 Quotes From How I Met Your Mother That Will Change The Way You Think About Life

Stop being sad and be awesome instead!

10 Quotes From How I Met Your Mother That Will Change The Way You Think About Life

How I met your mother helped me reflect and accept my life. I hope that these 10 quotes can help you do the same.

"I realized that I'm searching, searching for what I really want in life. And you know what? I have absolutely no idea what that is." - Barney Stinson

As a college student who has no idea what he wants to do with his life, I speak to this quote on a very personal level. I think any college student can.

"The future is scary, but you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar. Yes it's tempting, but it's a mistake." - Robin Scherbatsky

To everyone who is looking to move on to the future but is way too scared: this one is for you.

"A word of advice: Play along. The more you fight it, the worse its gonna get. It's like when your car slides on ice, you steer into the slide." - Ted Mosby

Roll with the punches and just keep pushing through. You got this!

"Look, you can't design your life like a building. It doesn't work that way. You just have to live it, and it'll design itself." - Lily Aldrin

Never be scared of the path life takes you. The journey helps you become who you are.

"Long distance is a lie teenagers tell each other to get laid the summer before college." - Ted Mosby

Take long distance how you want, but we all have our views on it.

"You can't cling to the past, because no matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone." - Ted Mosby

No mater how hard it is the past will always be behind you. This sentence you just read is now in the past.

"Sometime's things have to fall apart to make way for better things." - Ted Mosby

It's a hard pill to swallow but it might just be the best thing for you.

"That's love, bitch!"-  Lily Aldrin

Love is a bitch but we all strive for it. So, just accept it and go into and say: "That's love bitch!"

"You keep giving up on people, you're going to miss out on something great." - Robin Scherbatsky

Don't let anybody or anything stop you from living your life. Experience everything that you can! Have an amazing time doing it. You never know who or what is out there waiting for you to find.

"It's going to be legen - wait for it- dary!" - Barney Stinson

Live life and always make everything legendary!

Now that you have read this sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy one of the best shows ever. I hope that one of these quotes helps you answer that part of your life that has been bothering you.

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