We have all been there. A sickness that leaves us bedridden, an injury, a vacation, or just simple life plateau - we have fallen off of our grind and have stopped seeing the results we know we want to achieve. This can be in life, in your fitness journey, in your wellness goals, or in your career path. We all have experienced and will experience times in our lives - both good and bad - that set us off course.

When we realize that we have fallen off of our typical schedule, or if we are trying to start anew, we need to lay out our goals. If you are trying to get back in shape, set measurable, achievable goals, that can be broken up into smaller steps. Let's say you were sick, or had an injury, and you fell out of shape, or you are wanting to get in shape for the first time (in a long time) in your life. Now, make a goal, like "I want to be able to run a half marathon", or "I want to lose 20 pounds of fat". Now, take steps back to see how you can achieve those goals. You create a running plan that maybe starts at running 1 or 2 miles every other day, incorporated with some HIIT workouts or weight lifting, and you slowly build yourself up in mileage. Or if you are looking to lose weight (in fat, not just overall), then you will maybe look at your diet, and slowly start to cut out excess amounts of fats, sugars, and carbs, and additionally begin to incorporate a consistent workout routine.

If you feel like you aren't on the path of life you originally thought you would be on, then take some time to re-evaluate what you want in life. See if what you are doing right now is going to take you in the direction of your life goals, whether that be working in a certain career, achieving a life milestone, or starting a family. If the things you are doing right now won't transpire into the goals you set for yourself, then you need to work backward and see what you can do to achieve the goals you actually want to live out. If you want to start your own business, but you can't financially afford to take the risk and/or don't want to lose the safety of your current job, then maybe you start to set aside your evening movie watching and push your workout session to the morning so that you can begin your business as a side hustle, until it can become your main focus.

Changing our lives and living our best lives takes work. No great life comes without great sacrifice, and that doesn't mean there will be painful hardships all the time but there will be real challenges that make us question if our goals are worth it. I hope that you find your goals are worth the waiting, the work, the effort, and the diligence. I hope you find that consistency is key, and you have the power to transform your life into whatever you want it to be. Because in order for you to get back on track you need to do one thing:

Commit to your goals. You will succeed if you decide that failure is not an option and that living your best life is the greatest achievement of all.