How Corrine From 'The Bachelor' Accurately Describes Life In College

How Corrine From 'The Bachelor' Accurately Describes Life In College

Despite having a nanny, Corrine is extremely relatable.

The controversial contestant on ABC's The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios has everyone hysterical in the way she presents herself, and not to mention her description of her stay-at-home nanny, Raquel.

Whether you hate Corrine or love her, we as college students all can relate to her at some point or another. Here are 15 ways that Corrine from The Bachelor has accurately described our life in college.

1. When you oversleep for a class

Haven't we all overslept for a class and not been sure to email our professors our excuse? Well, Corrine describes exactly how we feel and what we want to say, despite what we actually say instead.

2. When you have back-to-back classes and haven't eaten all day

I know from my school schedule that sometimes even fitting in a granola bar for the day can be tough. We've all definitely gone through our day needing something other than a piece of gum.

3. When you're trying to impress that boy you like

There's no hiding that Corrine goes above and beyond to try to get Nick's attention. I've definitely seen girls on campus do the same things on those nights out. At times, we can all relate to Corrine in that she'll do whatever to get what she wants.

4. Two words: communal bathrooms

One of the complete terrors of being a freshman is sharing a bathroom with 15 other girls on your floor. Corrine basically sums that one up enough for me.

5. When you hear people talking behind your back

Basically, anytime you're in college, there will be some sort of drama. Whether it's between guys or girls, talking behind people's backs will happen. Many of us react as Corrine does and we don't tolerate it.

6. When finals season comes around

Tests, projects, quizzes and most importantly, finals bring out the nerves in all of us. We're definitely like Corrine when it comes to the pressure of getting that A.

7. Getting into your bed after a long day of college

We're all like Corrine in that we value our sleep. There's no better feeling than getting into our PJ's and just calling it a day.

8. When you come home from a night out and order food

There's no greater feeling than coming home from a night out, taking off our makeup, putting on sweatpants and ordering in food. Even if it's that late night Domino's pizza, nothing tastes better than eating with friends at 3 a.m.

9. Being homesick

Even though we all love college, we get homesick from time to time. We miss our families, our dogs, taking showers without shoes and definitely that home-cooked meal. Sometimes like Corrine, we can't help but just want to go home.

10. When you get an email that class is canceled

As college students, there is no greater feeling than getting that email from our professors that class is canceled. Whether that means 75 more minutes of sleep or a pass for forgetting to do an assignment, no one can argue that a class cancelation is the best message to receive from a professor.

11. "The final exam is accumulative"

Basically, us college students question so many professors' choices that are made in the classroom. Whether it's the cumulative final, the ban on laptops or phones, or the number of times that we're allowed to be absent ... we can't help but ask, "Why us?"

12. Trying to convince someone that you're mature enough for something

Whether it's your parents, or you're trying to convince that boy that you're ready for a relationship, we all, like Corrine, try to show others how mature we can be. Despite our ways of doing it ...

13. When you finally get an A on that paper

Sometimes getting an A on a paper or assignment that we worked hard on is the same feeling of getting a rose on The Bachelor. We definitely can't argue with Corrine here on how we love the feeling of being victorious.

14. When you show up to the pre-game and there are girls there that are prettier than you

Nothing like a shattering self-esteem moment when you walk into that pre-game or party and see a bunch of pretty and trendy girls. We definitely all relate to Corrine in that we don't feel as good as we were before entering the room.

15. When it's officially the weekend and you're ready to party

There's no better feeling than reading that the calendar says "Friday." Whether you are going to go out or not, looking forward to two days without classes is reason to celebrate.

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College As Told By Junie B. Jones

A tribute to the beloved author Barbara Parks.

The Junie B. Jones series was a big part of my childhood. They were the first chapter books I ever read. On car trips, my mother would entertain my sister and me by purchasing a new Junie B. Jones book and reading it to us. My favorite part about the books then, and still, are how funny they are. Junie B. takes things very literally, and her (mis)adventures are hilarious. A lot of children's authors tend to write for children and parents in their books to keep the attention of both parties. Barbara Park, the author of the Junie B. Jones series, did just that. This is why many things Junie B. said in Kindergarten could be applied to her experiences in college, as shown here.

When Junie B. introduces herself hundreds of times during orientation week:

“My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice. Except I don't like Beatrice. I just like B and that's all." (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 1)

When she goes to her first college career fair:

"Yeah, only guess what? I never even heard of that dumb word careers before. And so I won't know what the heck we're talking about." (Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth, p. 2)

When she thinks people in class are gossiping about her:

“They whispered to each other for a real long time. Also, they kept looking at me. And they wouldn't even stop." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 66)

When someone asks her about the library:

“It's where the books are. And guess what? Books are my very favorite things in the whole world!" (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 27)

When she doesn't know what she's eating at the caf:

“I peeked inside the bread. I stared and stared for a real long time. 'Cause I didn't actually recognize the meat, that's why. Finally, I ate it anyway. It was tasty...whatever it was." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 66)

When she gets bored during class:

“I drew a sausage patty on my arm. Only that wasn't even an assignment." (Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, p. 18)

When she considers dropping out:

“Maybe someday I will just be the Boss of Cookies instead!" (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 76)

When her friends invite her to the lake for Labor Day:

“GOOD NEWS! I CAN COME TO THE LAKE WITH YOU, I BELIEVE!" (Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy, p. 17)

When her professor never enters grades on time:

“I rolled my eyes way up to the sky." (Junie B., First Grader Boss of Lunch, p. 38)

When her friends won't stop poking her on Facebook:

“Do not poke me one more time, and I mean it." (Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy, p. 7)

When she finds out she got a bad test grade:

“Then my eyes got a little bit wet. I wasn't crying, though." (Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, p. 17)

When she isn't allowed to have a pet on campus but really wants one:


When she has to walk across campus in the dark:

“There's no such thing as monsters. There's no such thing as monsters." (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, p. 12)

When her boyfriend breaks her heart:

“I am a bachelorette. A bachelorette is when your boyfriend named Ricardo dumps you at recess. Only I wasn't actually expecting that terrible trouble." (Junie B. Jones Is (almost) a Flower Girl, p. 1)

When she paints her first canvas:

"And painting is the funnest thing I love!" (Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth, p. 61)

When her sorority takes stacked pictures:

“The biggie kids stand in the back. And the shortie kids stand in the front. I am a shortie kid. Only that is nothing to be ashamed of." (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, p. 7)

When she's had enough of the caf's food:

“Want to bake a lemon pie? A lemon pie would be fun, don't you think?" (Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed p. 34)

When she forgets about an exam:

“Speechless is when your mouth can't speech." (Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, p. 54)

When she finds out she has enough credits to graduate:

“A DIPLOMA! A DIPLOMA! I WILL LOVE A DIPLOMA!" (Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl p. 6)

When she gets home from college:

"IT'S ME! IT'S JUNIE B. JONES! I'M HOME FROM MY SCHOOL!" (Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peaky Spying p. 20)

Cover Image Credit: OrderOfBooks

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The One Thing Everyone Should Do Before They Graduate

Why I wish everyone could have shared in my end of school adventure.


The end of freshman year was filled with the abundant stress of final exams, teary-eyed goodbyes, and last looks at my dorm room on South Campus. The academic year was overwhelmingly busy, and I tried my best to soak in every single moment as a first-year college student. But as I'm sure many of you can understand, it's not always possible to make time for the adventures we so desperately desire. I found myself saying "I want to do that!" all year long, and here it was the last week of the year and my bucket list had barely been touched. All those Philadelphia excursions, dreamy coffee shop dates, and campus explorations that I looked forward to never ended up panning out…

… until last Thursday night.

With about half the freshman class moved out of South Campus, everything felt a little strange. There was barely a dinner rush at all in Donahue Dining Hall, and my room looked so empty it almost made me sad. Naturally, I called up a couple of friends. Within minutes, we met in the lounge, and we were off for our adventure.

Every single day on the way to labs in Mendel Hall, I walked past the beloved Falvey Fountain. It had become such a consistent part of my routine that walking past it felt like it was a necessary daily occurrence. But this time, we didn't walk past. In fact, we stopped dead in our tracks and admired its color changing beauty for a brief moment.

And then we dove in!

Yes, we jumped right into the fountain. First the daring adventurer of the group, then his sidekick, then the skeptic, and finally myself. This was definitely not allowed, but no one was around, and more importantly, no one cared. Being knee deep was freezing, but the adrenaline rush was too much to suppress. So we submerged further, dunking each other and splashing the icy water literally everywhere. My wet hair made way for the most epic hair flip of all time, and we all laughed joyously.

All the stress of looming final grades and the completion of projects, the bittersweet goodbyes to our newfound families, and the hassles of packing up for the year were washed away in that fountain, drowned in the euphoria of the moment. We were officially baptized in summer as it dubbed us the kings and queens of adventure.

Afterward, we wrung out our soaking clothes and snapped a quick pic of our drenched selves. Trying to escape the scene hastily, I dropped my bag of M&M;'s. They spilled everywhere, leaving streams of melty chocolate and food coloring running through the aftermath of our fountain dive. The scene looked like a bit of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory had exploded from the fountain and into the night.

I am far from kidding when I say that adventure is a must for everyone, at any stage of life. Whether it's fountain diving at Nova, or sky diving in New Mexico, something about us as human beings needs the unusual, exciting, and even hazardous experiences. This one was particularly cleansing and absolutely unforgettable.

So I implore you: go forth this summer and be adventurous! Explore hidden places, try new eats, shuffle a stranger's playlist, introduce yourself to someone on a whim, or just get in the car and drive with no destination in mind. This summer is for the bold; this summer's for you.

Happy adventuring!


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