A young girl with tight pigtails
high on her head
frolics freely on the
middle school playground.
hear her infectious laugh and can do nothing but join in.
From that day on inseparable,
devoted to each other as you would a faith. She
spent one minute without you.
One minute making sure you weren’t alone today. She always
the untraceable frown marking your face
on those rainy, dreary days where clouds block your happiness.
So she'd perfect your favorite cookie.
Moist on the inside, crunchy on the out,
chocolate chips oozing in between
just to bring the sun’s light in your smile
she loved so much out again.
With your crooked, stained,
perfectly imperfect smile. The one
never could live without.
She asked about your dreams of dancing among the clouds
gentle as the breeze. Silent she
as she listened with her heart.
You didn’t see
her insightful, mature, worn eyes,
the words never spoken.
Because you knew that she would never intentionally let you feel

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