Marriage Is A BIG Commitment And These 6 Horrible Reasons Should Not Help You Tie The Knot
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Marriage Is A BIG Commitment And These 6 Horrible Reasons Should Not Help You Tie The Knot

The right motives are part of the key to making it work.

Marriage Is A BIG Commitment And These 6 Horrible Reasons Should Not Help You Tie The Knot

Recently, I have been to several weddings and several people that I know are currently planning their weddings, so, naturally, weddings and marriage have been on my mind.

Thus, I have started thinking about what my own wedding might be like someday, Lord willing, and then I starting thinking about all the reasons I would marry someone. Next thing you know, I am thinking of all kinds of horrible (but somewhat hilarious) reasons to get married and I figured I'd share them with y'all.

1. You don't want all the old people you know to die before you can get married.

I know. This is a HORRIBLE reason to get married. But come on, we all know someone we love who is getting up there in age that we really want to be at our wedding.

Sometimes I find myself looking around and I'm like, "God? I know you've got you're own timeline and everything...but they might not last that long."

Can you honestly tell me that this thought hasn't crossed your mind??

2. You're not going to look this good forever.

You look good right now, but you want to find someone before things start going downhill.

This is a horrible reason to get married and if they only marry you for how you look, you have more issues than just getting ugly. And honestly, you will always look good, even if your mother is the only one who thinks so.

3. You're the only one your age who isn't married with kids.

When you reach that age and all your friends are in relationships and starting families, but you're still trying to figure out if you want to binge-watch some Netflix alone or if you want to watch it... well, alone. Despite your predicament, this is a horrible reason to find someone and get married! Don't give into the peer pressure!

Marriage is a lifelong commitment... and you need more of a reason than being left behind by all your friends to take that step.

4. You want to get out of your parent's house, but don't have the money or the credit to do it on your own.

This is a horrible reason, mainly because marriage is not the only solution to getting out of your parent's house. Like seriously, get a roommate, not a lifelong commitment!

5. Because you have "baby fever."

Even though you know you'll be a great parent and really want a baby (*insert sarcastic look*), you're gonna need more than that to get married. Remember, this is a big decision and if you do it for the wrong reasons, you make a hard task harder. Plus, think of the kid! Would you want your own child to get married for this reason?

6. You want to be on TV and have stuff paid for.

Especially with shows such as "Married at First Sight", "Love at First Flight", and even "The Bachelorette" the temptation to get hitched for the chance to be on TV, to travel, and to get a free wedding is pretty... well tempting. But this reason is, again, not enough.

Even though it would be cool to not have to pay for a wedding, to get some awesome honeymoon, or travel somewhere new, you still need more than this as a cause for marriage.

If this is your main motive, boy are you in trouble.

Overall, you need more than these horrible reasons because marriage is a big commitment and the right motives are part of the key to making it work.

If you're interested, here is a link to an article about good reasons to get married.

If you know of any other horrible reasons to get married, feel free to comment!

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