Hope For The Teen With Anxiety

The idea of being an adult and going to college can be truly terrifying if you have anxiety.

Back in high school, I was absolutely terrified of the prospect of going into the world and becoming an adult. I was filled with thoughts on how I could possibly get a job, or how I could manage a busy schedule. Yet here I am over a year later... and well I've almost made it.

Don't get me wrong there are so many things that I'm still terrified of and push off in hopes of avoiding judgment, but somehow I keep making it. Phone calls are still difficult and I have so many people read my emails before I send them, but I have just a bit more confidence in my abilities and my support system.

People are still my biggest obstacle in this world of adulthood. I still have to think twice before I say most things, and I worry about what others are thinking, but I also know now that so many people are just like me.

Going into the world has also taught me so much about so many different people. I realize the similarities that people have and I now know that my worries and concerns were primarily because of an ignorance that I had about people. It's nice that I have broadened my horizons and now talk to so many different people because for once in my life I feel like I'm really a part of this world.

Being adult has also made me want to speak my mind more, and because of that I finally realized that I can't hide behind my fears of being seen and judged. It's difficult at first when you say something that you know that not everyone will agree with, but it feels so empowering when you speak your mind and you know that you are saying something that could potentially show your support of someone who needs it.

The greatest thing about being an adult is that you are in control. Yes, there are still some things that will be a challenge when it comes to being an adult(Rent and bills can be intimidating). Yet, just remember it's your life, your money, and nobody will be able to tell you that what you are doing with those things is wrong because the don't have any possible control over it other than word of mouth. I'm not going to lie that people may question what you are doing with those things and tell you that you're not amounting to what they want, but guess what you're surviving and that is an accomplishment that people who don't want to criticize you will see.

So you may be scared now, and there will be time when you're scared later, but rest easy over the fear of not making it because one day you just will.

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