The phrase “hook up” has many meanings. It could go as far as having sex or meaning just making out. It depends on the person, the maturity level or where you are from. For me, the meaning of hooking up changed when I went to college. In college, there is a “hook-up culture” that coincides with a double standard. "Hooking up" is such a wide definition that pertains specifically to the person but it can refer to mainly a one night stand at first, now we see that hookups lead to dating and to relationships. Do we do it to try to fit in or to find love? Do we do it because we like hooking up or because it is expected of us?

Here are some surprising statistics that are shocking about the how often hook ups really happen. 25 percent of college seniors are still virgins and only 72 percent of college students have had hook ups. 1 in 4 college students has an STD, which is one of the reasons why the student health services offer STD testing and give out free condoms. One of the top reasons couples in college break up is cheating, and most break ups happen before school breaks. In college, there are both relationships and hook-ups, but ultimately, it’s the type of person you are that decides which one you like. However, a majority of students have had one night stands or a bad hook up that they regret.

Along with the hookup culture in college, we have a bigger problem that is the "double standard." One study has found that the sexual double standard with woman and men in hooking up causes the women to feel like a little bit of an outsider. The men hold more power. There are two sides to this, as some feel the double standard is still relevant to today’s college culture, while others feel like men and woman are judged equally. The way I see as many others do, the double standard exists for women. The double standard is basically that a guy hooks up with a lot of girls, and he is not judged while the girl is automatically judged ten times more harshly. In people’s mind, they think society judges woman more harshly but their mind tells them they don’t. I believe women really are judged more harshly and just don’t realize it. Men judge women more harshly than women judge women, too.

Think before you judge someone for doing the same thing you do. Think before you speak and see that maybe it's what society may think is wrong, but in truth, there is nothing wrong with it.