The holiday season is right around the corner. In a few weeks, exams will be over and most of the college kids around the globe will be packing up and heading home. Whether you live 10 minutes from campus or across the globe, Hogwarts will always be a home for us Harry Potter fans. Here is how you can make your break a little more magical.


1. Build a fort and watch holiday movies with some friends.

2. Throw an ugly sweater party.

3. Have a giant snowball fight.

4. Make your "Elf on the Shelf" do insane things at home.

5. Dress your pet up in a terrible Christmas costume.


1. Go caroling.

2. Teach yourself how to knit.

3. Bake gingerbread cookies and decorate a house for them to live in.

4. Buying your pets gifts because they're part of the family, too.

5. Make snow angels with your pals.


1. Decorate a Christmas tree and go all out.

2. Prank a sibling or friend by wrapping their things in an excessive amount of wrapping paper.

3. Build a giant snowman with friends. Give it a nice Slytherin scarf to wear, too.

4. Bring the best gag gifts to a White Elephant gift exchange.

5. Make the most ~magical~ holiday playlist ever.


1. Bundle up next to the fire with a book.

2. Go ice skating.

3. Find a new park or trail to walk on with friends. Exploring! Winter! Fun!

4. Cut down your own Christmas tree.

5. Wear giant sweaters everywhere.

6. Perfect your hot chocolate recipe.