We all know that the University of Oklahoma is historic, it's been around since 1890. I thought this would be a super interesting idea to find before and after pictures of the campus to see how much that OUr campus has grown.

1. South Oval-1930

The South Oval in 1930 was pretty bare.


South Oval- 2018

And this is what it looks like today. OU's landscape is beautiful.


2. Oklahoma Memorial Stadium- 1929


Oklahoma Memorial Stadium-2018


3. Aerial view of campus in 1913

I don't have a before and after pic with this one. But I thought I'd share it anyway because of all the progress that OU has made.


4. Women sitting in the "spoonholder" in the North Oval- 1914

There's a popular legend about the "spoonholder." If a couple kissed while in the spoon holder, "they were destined to be married."


"Spoonholder"- 2017

5. Science Hall-1902

And in 1903, this building was completely destroyed by one of the first campus fires and construction for rebuild began immediately and opened back up in 1904. It still looks the same today.


Science hall-2014



It's still there! Super cool part of history that I never knew about and I walk this campus on the daily.

6. Monnett Hall- 2011

Look at the tree on the left, and then the four slim windows, go up to the middle of the building where it comes to a point. There's an owl there. Owl's at OU represent the law program. Monnett Hall used to be the law building before OU built a newer and bigger building on the south side of campus.


A close up of the owl

Rumor has it that past students had a lot of rivalry in the law program (since this used to be the old law building) and one night they climbed to the top of the building to paint the owl. I'm not 100% sure of the rest of the story and I couldn't find it on Google but I do remember that the first time I toured the campus, the owl was mentioned.


7. The Great Reading Room- unknown year


Great Reading room- 2018

I love studying here. It's definitely one of my favorite study spots on campus besides the Student Union. It's super quiet and it's so nice for reading long chapters of a textbook to focus on. The Great Reading room is filled with students around mid-terms and finals. It's crazy how it still looks the same compared to the other picture.


8. The '06 rock from the class of 1906 (not 2006)

The '06 Rock was found after falling from a train between Norman and Oklahoma City. It was so heavy that it buried the wheels of the wagon that first attempted to carry it. Eventually, the rock made it to campus, where a stonemason chiseled "06" into it. This rock is still there near the old Science Hall.


9. Campus Corner in the early 1900's.

Historic campus corner!


If you pay close enough attention to the buildings, some of those buildings are still there. The building on the left in the second picture is Louie's restaurant today.


10. The Towers- 1950s-early '60s

There are 3 towers: Adams, Couch, and Walker. There have been thousands of generations of students living in these towers, semester after semester. The rooms are small and the hallways are narrow but the towers are still around and students still live there.


I hope you enjoyed all of these pictures that I've found and researched. Next time you're on campus, don't forget to shout "BOOMER!"