Hillary Did Not Lie

If you watched the news or simply hopped onto social media this past week, then it is impossible to claim you did not see anything about Hillary Clinton and those "damn emails," as the media milked the situation for everything it was worth.

This past week the FBI wrapped up its investigation into Secretary Clinton's email use, and the FBI director, James Comey, recommended no charges for Hillary. The Republicans became outraged and went into an uproar regarding the decision. They were counting on this incident to ruin Hillary's chances at becoming President. If you do not know a Republican that was counting on Clinton's indictment, then you must not know a Republican. The facts of the investigation and the decision of the FBI director, who has been a registered Republican I might add, did not fit the GOP conspiracy theories and plans that were to put a stop to Clinton, therefore they were outraged and desperate.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, called for an emergency hearing about the decision made, and the director of the FBI was called to testify. Seriously? How desperate can a party get? Accept the fact you are wrong about Hillary, and that your creative scandal did not bring her down.

The FBI director has stated that Hillary did send and receive information that was classified information at the time of sending or receiving, a statement that contradicts Hillary's explanation of the past year in which she claims she never sent or received any classified information that was classified at the time of sending or receiving. Because of the FBI director's statement, many people are now saying that Hillary cannot be trusted and she is an outright liar. But did she really lie?

The answer is no, Hillary did not lie. Hillary did not send or receive any classified information on her private email server, to the best of her knowledge. There is a manual for government officials and governmental agencies that are full of protocol and rules that one must follow in regards to emails and handling classified information. The manual states that if one is sending classified material in an email, it must contain a header that states there is classified information within the email, sort of like a warning. Of the emails Hillary received that contained classified information, none of them were properly marked. This is why over the course of the past year, Hillary has stated over and over that she did not send or receive any material that was marked classified... because it wasn't marked classified. The emails that contained classified information were not marked correctly, therefore Clinton would have had no way of knowing the material in the specific emails were deemed as classified material.

It is extremely important that before jumping to conclusions, one looks into the facts of the case and pays close attention to the words that are said, because the media is an expert at twisting the story to skew its target audience, as well as not reporting all of the facts. Many people will still claim that Clinton is nothing but a liar, but when you look at the present facts and the words that have been said, there is not one good argument that Hillary has lied. Because, she didn't.

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