Hillary Is Not The Lesser Of Two Evils
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Hillary Is Not The Lesser Of Two Evils

The critical journey from #AnyoneButTrump to #I’mWithHer.

Hillary Is Not The Lesser Of Two Evils

In the week following the Democratic National Convention, we have seen a flood of articles featuring Donald Trump and his many vices. It seems as if every major news channel is on its way to finally taking him seriously now that he’s the official Republican nominee, as more than a bad joke who runs his campaign more like a reality show than, well, a campaign. This is a horrifying (why did it take this long?) yet satisfying thought for those of us who opposed Trump vehemently pre-KhanGate. Among the most glaring flaws of Trump’s bid for presidency include flashy, insubstantial language burying his lack of clear policy, disinterest in doing his homework, and his character — he is routinely called out for his tendency to lash out, childish antics, and disrespect for war heroes, minorities, and just anyone who opposes him.

As heartening as the sudden post-convention realization of Trump’s shortcomings is, there’s a huge problem that tags along with it. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is being buried in the sea of anti-Trump sentiment. Who’s running against Trump? Oh, that one woman who is making history as both the first female major-party nominee for president and simultaneously one of the least popular. National dislike for Hillary is only surpassed by widespread hatred for Trump.

There are those out there saying they will vote for Hillary because she is “the lesser of two evils.” This is a dangerous sentiment to base such a weighty decision on. We are picking the next president of the United States. Someone who has the power to shape the future of America. Someone who will be examined under an international microscope as leader of the free world. Someone who will be in a position of power to tackle the social, economical, and political injustices in our country… or add fuel to the roaring fires of inequity and corruption. So it really pays to educate yourself on the candidates and their policies because yes, your vote matters. It really, truly does.

Hillary is the clear choice for president, but not because she is the lesser of two evils.

Her resume speaks for itself. Hillary graduated from Yale Law School in 1973 and made it not once, but twice onto the National Law Journal's 100 most influential lawyers in America. She served as First Lady of Arkansas for 12 years, First Lady of the U.S. for eight years, U.S. senator of New York for eight years, and Secretary of State for four years. She knows the ins and outs of the White House. As First Lady of the U.S., Hillary fought long and hard for a children's health care program that now benefits over than 8 million children. During her tenure as Secretary of State, her accomplishments included negotiating a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas, garnering international support for the Iran nuclear deal, and leading talks on the New START arms control treaty with Russia. She has proven a relentless champion for women, children, families, veterans, active military, first responders, students, and the LGBT community. The list goes on and on. Not only does she have plenty of past political experience, it is evident that she made it count. President Obama declared that "there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America."

Apart from her qualifications, Hillary's campaign has proven that she is well-prepared to lead America. Her policy plans are well-constructed and backed by research. Clearly, she does her homework. She is prepared to fight for racial justice, LGBT rights, women's rights, disability rights, veterans' rights, labor union rights, and wildlife protection. She recognizes that students are the future of America and will work to make college debt-free. Hillary believes that climate change is real and has a clean energy proposal that will put the U.S. on track for cutting greenhouse gas emissions as pledged at the 2012 Paris Agreement and engineer a shift to clean energy that works for all Americans (such as coal communities). As president, she would reign in Wall Street and implement a tax system that does not favor the wealthy. Her policies on taxes, government spending, immigration, and minimum wage would boost the economy, creating 10.4 million jobs over four years, lowering unemployment, and benefiting low- and middle-income households the most. On the matter of national security, she will maintain critical international relationships that she fostered as Secretary of State and build on those relations to the benefit of both America and its allies. When it comes to preventing and dealing with foreign threats, her plans include enforcing the Iran nuclear agreement, strengthening ties with Cuba, and standing firm against Chinese trade abuses. She has a detailed, three-pronged approach for combating terrorism that involves targeting ISIS at its roots, collaborating with our allies to demolish global terror networks, and expanding homeland security measures to better identify and stop terrorists. In an increasingly interconnected global economy, she understands that isolationism and building walls will get us nowhere.

Hillary has the experience. She has the intellect, the drive, and the vision to change America for the better. And most importantly, she recognizes that the problems of America have to be solved by Americans working together, not by one man tooting his own horn.

In the 2016 elections, Hillary is not the least "bad" candidate. She is the best candidate.

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