Highs And Lows Of Being Quiet

The perks of being the friend that is quiet or "shy" is knowing you have friends that accept you for you and they know what type of person you can be. On the other hand, being quiet can be off-putting when having a dialogue with another individual. Here is a list of the pros and cons of being the quiet person:

1. Talking to people is a struggle.

Personally, having a conversation with others, for any reason, is a struggle because I do not like talking. Naturally, other individuals are comfortable with it and others have a little anxiety about talking, even simple "hellos" can be difficult.

2. Making friends is difficult.

Since teens are talkative and want to meet new people, someone who is naturally quiet will have a harder time getting involved with other people. People you meet want to be able to have a conversation, to connect with others. Talking to someone that does not usually talk does prolong the connection, and some individuals are too impatient to wait for the development of the communication.

3. Knowing who the right people are.

Having preexisting friendships whilst being the quiet type is, in fact, a positive because you know that the friends do understand and have accepted who you are as a person. Also, they were patient enough to the point where you finally become more involved. This also works with new friendships. Again, personally, having conversations is not my cup of tea, so when a person wants to continue a conversation I know they actually want that.

4. Knowing your surroundings.

It may seem strange, but being quiet means you can absorb your surroundings. For example, in a setting of groups of people talking, you pick up what others are talking about. Also, you notice the little things a person does.

5. Being a mystery to others.

Having a quiet mystique persona is often times good because you give off a huge scent of who you are, while still maintaining so much of yourself. Being mysterious is what draws people to want to know more about you.

6. Good for keeping secrets.

If you do not talk as much, you listen pretty well. Being quiet you have an open ear to listen to all types of things. From personal issues to a secret about something. So, if you do not talk who will you tell?

7. Being mistaken or misunderstood.

With being the quiet person, there is always assumptions being made. An example is because I am quiet means I am shy. I find it off-putting because I know when I need to talk to people, I just do not like to do it. Another one is because you are quiet, you are going to be mean. Just because you have a natural straight face does not mean a person is going to be mean. You never know until you actually talk to the person.

Those are what the pros and cons of being quiet compose of. Many individuals have their own way of looking at it, this is mine. Being quiet does not make anyone a lower person than anyone else. All are equal, no matter how loud or quiet anyone is.

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