My friend told me the other day when she was patiently waiting for her early results to come out that the whole college application process seems a lot like dating. You might like a certain college more than the others but that college may not like you back. Or there might be colleges that would be willing to give you a full ride, but you simply might not care about their acceptance letters. Despite the miscommunication, ultimately everyone seems to find a place to call their new home when senior year comes to an end.

Yes, the college application process is the most stressful thing on earth, especially because it increases our uncertainity about what future has in store for us. And it's completely fine to feel uncertain, anxious and unstable. So high school seniors, I am not going to tell you that everything is going to be okay because let's face it, we know it's not going to be okay. You will face rejections, you will be waitlisted and you will be deferred. Life is tough. However, don't let those rejections, deferrals, and waitlists determine who you are. Just because you received that rejection letter, don't think your life has been wasted. The college application only reflects a small portion of who you are-- I mean how can you summarize your entire life in just one to two essays? A rejection letter does not mean that you are not good enough, it just means there are too many applicants and too little space for all the talented people. So they go through a very random selection process to filter people out.

Looking back, the college application period was a time when my self-confidence plummeted the most, felt utterly insecure and uncertain about my future and experienced an emotional crisis, especially when I had to keep a straight face after hearing my friends get into the schools that I was rejected. But in the end, after the grueling process, I ended up matriculating to a place that was the best fit for me.

So seniors, I know this is the most stressful time of the year, and trust me, it's going to get worse, but stay strong, stay confident and don't ever ever let the college that rejected you to decide what kind of person you are. Be open to opportunities. You may end up liking a college that you didn't even think that seriously about- that's what happened to me.

You are a lot more awesome than you think.