High School Vs. College

Everyone tells you that college is so much different than high school, and it really is. They hound you about learning to be responsible since you will be on your own. They remind you that you better go to class because the teachers really do not care if you show up or not. There are many changes you're reminded about before starting college. However, there are some things that all college students do or go through that you were never told about before college.

Wearing pajamas to class

High school: "Yayyyy! It's homecoming week! I'm going to wear my cutest onesie."

College: I'm pretty sure no one ever dresses up for 8 AM classes. We all just roll out of bed and head to class not caring at all what we look like and not even trying to fix our make up or hair.

When someone skips class

High School: "Oh my gosh, they are skipping. I bet they are going to get into so much trouble if the teachers finds out!"

College: Literally no one cares at all. The teachers get paid no matter what.


High School: "I need to study really hard and make sure I have an A in every class I'm taking. I really need a 4.0."

College: "C's get degrees! Sleep is more important."

Falling asleep in class or around school

High School: "Oh my gosh, she's asleep. Let's take a picture of her to embarrass her!"

College: I am almost positive that college students can sleep anywhere that want and not care at all who sees them.

There's a chance that throughout college you will do or see all of these. It happens to the best of us.

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