Dear Class of 2018,

I bet that all you're looking forward to right now is prom and the big day of graduation, but before you get there, I got a few words to tell you.

First of all, enjoy your last few moments in high school because life will hit you like a bus after. You will soon start to realize all of the "responsibilities" that you had during high school are nothing compared to living on your own. And will understand why adults say, "I wish I was a kid again."

Say thank you to your teachers. Without them giving you a passing grade, you wouldn't have been able to graduate.

All of those "friends" you had in high school, yeah get ready to see who your real friends are after graduation. Those who are, will want to hang out with you or even just check in on you once in a while to see how you're doing. But you will never hear a word from the rest. This shouldn't really be a problem, but it can be a reality check on those who you call "friends." I'm happy to say that the few girls I hung out with during high school, a year later, are still my close friends.

If you are deciding between working right after high school or going into college, think about what will give you more money in the end. After all, everything that was learned in high school, you will see creep up on you in college. Slowly, but surely.

If you do decide to go straight into college after high school, get ready to not have a social life. You know how in high school you usually get around a month to work on a three page essay? Yeah in college, you get a week (if you're lucky two weeks) to write a six to eight page essay.

If you aren't going straight into college (because lets face it, college isn't for everyone), It would be a good idea to start planning what you want to get from the job you get. Because your parents aren't going to be there forever to pay for your bills. Don't work just to work, work for a promotion, or even a better job in the future in the same career. For example, want to work in a retail store? Work as an associate first, then work for a supervisor position, then work for the manager position.

Overall, there are many things I would have done differently if I could go back. I would have taken more advanced placement courses, joined more clubs, and joined a sport. But all I could do now is give a few words of advice to those below me. All I could say now is good luck to those soon to be graduates. You'll need it.