21 Signs You Were (ARE) A Crusader
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21 Signs You Were (ARE) A Crusader

To the B, to the I, to the R, to the T, to the H, to the D-A-Y!

21 Signs You Were (ARE) A Crusader

1. Green and silver is your color scheme.

Green and silver EVERYTHING.

2. This isn't a flash drive; it's a cigarette lighter.

And you sure knew how to use one by the end of that class.

3. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

And eat cheeseburgers, but this picture was way easier to find.

4. People think you're referring to your grandmother when you talk about your old Latin teacher.

On the eighth day, God made Mrs. D.

5. You still have nightmares about the locker room.

Bob and weave, just bob and weave.

6. You most likely learned your foreign language in a "trailer."

But they were climate controlled, and you'll fight anyone who makes fun of them.

7. You've eaten at almost every restaurant in Dunmore.

Bucktown Diner? Check. Colarusso's? Check. Calabria's? Check. And the list goes on and on.

8. You still celebrate Mole Day.

Once OR twice a year. And you've got a pin that will make all your friends from other schools think you're crazy, but they're missing out.

9. No matter where you go, almost everyone seems to know the name "Deleo."

Commuter socials, random classes, a job interview...almost everyone in the Greater Scranton Area seems to understand you when you label something a "Deleo test" (He's also the only reason why I'm passing my freshman seminar, so shout out).

10. You still know the Alma Mater like you graduated yesterday.

Or like four months ago, but you get the point.

11. Your teachers were literally the greatest.

"In the beginning ... God liked baseball. Get it? Big-inning?" I think that and PJAS sponsors willing to stay until midnight more or less sums it up.

12. Only at HC did Macbeth duel with a Nerf sword, and you're also a proud member of the literati.

Seriously, we take Shakespeare seriously. And I probably misspelled literati, but I had good intentions.

13. "Holy Cross Dress Down Days"

I don't care if I had to pay $50. No uniform? Yes, please!

14. Mrs. DeMarco was great, but you avoided her office at all costs.

Getting stopped at the fire extinguisher in the science wing was everyone's nightmare. I have so many fond memories of running down the boardwalk as the 8 a.m. church bells rang. Oh, and we had a boardwalk, so go us.

15. Christmas decorating was taken seriously.

I still can't believe how it came together every year. Or that they actually trusted us with ladders.

16. Our athletics department was better than theirs.

Cross country, basketball, track, tennis, baseball, softball, swim, it didn't matter: Holy Cross was the best. And our football team? Our football team...well, we had a football team.

17. Demerits


18. Our language department was second to "nun."

Sister Denise had the greatest collection of movies, and who can forget Sister Eileen's boxing nun doll?

19. You know there are four versions of "Happy Birthday" and can sing every single one of them.

The Holy Spirit's version with no words was by far the best.

20. "There's a pool on the roof."

One in 10 fell for it. For, like, a second.

21. You'd go back in a heartbeat.

Your high school years were some of your fondest memories and you'd go back in a second. Holy Cross has helped make me into the person I am today, and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

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