High On Curiosity
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High On Curiosity

How the novelty habit gets you high on curiosity...

High On Curiosity
Beneath The Ash

Although many people despise curious people, they despise them more due to their own lack of knowledge for answering curious questions, and less due to the annoyance of having to deal with the nagging questions.

Here are a few that will surely pick on your brain!

If a smoker goes into a coma for long enough, do they wake up without a craving to smoke?

Why do human beings have two eyes?

How likely is it that we are living in a simulation?

Maria De Beausacq once said, “The power of habit and the charm of novelty are the two adverse forces which explain the follies of mankind.” As humans, we often find ourselves stuck at a fork in the road. One path leads to a life of habits, routine, and repetition while the other path leads to a life of novelty, excitement, and risk. Some of us are able to make the decision and stick with it, while a rare group of us live on the edge of each, switching paths whenever we feel like it, and then there is the path of the regular man -- most of us choose to walk between both, to keep a little bit of both paths in our lives.

Curiosity is a novelty only the grandest can carry -- lucky for you, it's not too hard to become as grand as you need to be for curiosity to become a habit. Essentially, for curiosity to become an everyday part of your life would require you to take a big part of each of the two paths mentioned above. A habit based on novelty. Although it may be difficult, it is not impossible (all it takes is the right idea and enough motivation) and more importantly, it is actually very beneficial. A habit of curiosity leads to boosts in creativity, knowledge, and experience; increase of self-control and confidence; and a more fulfilling and exciting lifestyle.

A novelty habit, a balance between old and new -- it is essentially the idea of becoming comfortable with being curious. Here are a few strategies to approach the habit:

1. Make "why" your favorite word.

"Why are roses red?"

"Why do we fall downward?"

"Why can't we figure out a way to walk on the sun?"

Turn yourself back into a child and put on those wondering wide eyes. Don't stop at what you know or what you think may be the answer when simply asking "why" can lead to so many more discoveries.

2. Be extra careful of the "confirmation bias."

Often, when we are looking for answers or finding information on something, we usually lean towards the things that are similar to what we think may be the answer. Try to instill a habit in yourself that provokes you to look at the other perspectives and other answers and the reasonings behind each of them. Take a big leap and try to find out why what you think may be wrong. This habit will increase your understanding on the issue and will allow you to ultimately make the strongest choice.

3. Mix the old with the new.

If there is a habit you have or if there is something you often do, add a bit spice and change a little part of it, keeping its essence present but changing it a bit: mixing the old with the new. For example, if you walk home from school, take a different route every day and discover all the new things in it. Or if you cook similar meals throughout the year, add a new ingredient to see the new turn out: mixing the old with the new.

4. Try something completely new!

Learn a new language. Have dinner at a restaurant which serves the food of a culture from which you've never eaten before. Learn how to play an instrument or how to speak another language. Trying something new requires structure and discipline, which provides new challenges and experiences.

Become a novelty seeker! The path to novelty is a scary uncertain path for many; however, it is one of the most fulfilling! Often because we are so used to our habits and lifestyles, it is hard to try something new, and we usually approach new things with caution, taking tiny steps forward as not to fall in surprise.

Regardless of this, picking at new experiences and keeping our curiosity alive is how we learn. Curiosity is enlightening and creates spice and adventure, with a little bit of risk in our lives.

"Novelty-seeking is one of the traits that keeps you healthy and happy and fosters personality growth as you age,” Psychiatrist C. Robert Cloninger said. “If you combine this adventurousness and curiosity with persistence and a sense that it’s not all about you, then you get the kind of creativity that benefits society as a whole.”

With the right novelty habits, you will be able to explore, take in new experiences, and gain new insights, yet feel safe and comfortable all at the same time.

At the core, the novelty habit will get you high on curiosity.

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