"Hero- an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self sacrifice"

Police and racism has become one of the most prominent topics around the globe. If you have a narrow mind I suggest you stop reading this post right now because this is about to get extremely personal. I am about to speak not only for me but for the millions of the other people who feel the same way about this topic. I am beyond scared of the response I am going to get about this post but in my opinion this needs to be said. I am a person who has declared law as my major in college and this post is about to have a lot of feeling included in it. People to need agree to disagree and that is why I decided to write this post, so if you can’t peacefully agree to disagree I again am pushing you to exit this post because any ignorant comments will be deleted. Here goes nothing…… POLICE HAVE NOT DECLARED A WAR ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!!!!!

Yes tragic things have happened when police have made errors in judgment and used their power in the wrong ways. I will agree to this statement, but how ignorant do people need to be to claim that all police are targeting “people of color”? We get it black lives matter, but what is getting out of hand is you people believe you’re the only lives that matter. How many senseless murders does there have to be before we put an end to this stereotype? For people to claim that the people whom are let me remind you are here to serve and protect you are TARGETING them?! This is grinding my gears and so many people other peoples’ as well. Yes there was sensless blood shed on the hands of police men but an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and setting up police massacres is only going to make things worse for everyone.

People claim that police make up excuses for the murders but in reality those same people are the reason these excuses are valid. Clearly police officers are going to “fear for their lives” when they have to be scared to pull someone over for disobeying the law or having to look over their shoulders on a daily basis while they are doing their jobs of PROTECTING you. The other excuse that people against the law like to preach is that they mistake their victims for reaching for something that may be a gun and panic. Let’s take a step back and put yourself in their shoes for a minute. OF COURSE they’re going to think it’s a gun because they are telling you to keep your hands where they can see them and OF COURSE the person disobeys. I know this is hard for some people to accept but police do have more power than you because they are here to uphold the law and to protect innocent lives. It is not that hard to LISTEN.

The real issue at hand is the way the media is portraying this to the world. People need to understand they are showing you what they think will get the people going and the most views. There is ALWAYS more to stories than what the media shows and people seem to forget that. It is so easy to hate law enforcement and go off the popular opinion of them being bad people. What isn’t easy though is ignoring the media and doing your own research before spitting out judgments. Social media loves to demonize police officers and people feed right into it.

Just as much as people distrust the police they think the same way about you. This mutual mistrust has escalated into a horrible situation. Now I’m going to play the devil’s advocate and explain that I do see the other side as well. If a suspect is disobeying/resisting doing what’s necessary to get the arrest should in no way be considered brutality, but if it is a traffic stop and the officer simply asks the man for his id and shoots him for complying with orders that officer should get the proper consequences. This officer was clearly not trained correctly and his actions should be deemed unreasonable and unnecessary. BUT not for one second do I think that every time a police officer shoots a person that it is unreasonable because in today’s society in many situations it is a win or lose game of life. If the officer doesn’t pull the trigger first he/she could lose their life to a criminal for no reason.

Police officers go into work every day wondering if they are going to ever see their families again because the hate against them is at an all time high. If the officer was wrong yes the officer was wrong but I am so tired of people painting every police officer to be a bad guy. I am tired of hearing about senseless deaths of people who are actually brave heroes doing their jobs. As a law student I love to debate both sides of this issue but at the end of the day I will always stand by the fact that I believe people are good at heart. I believe police are here for the greater good and there is no reason for the way the media portrays a MAJORITY (not all) of them. All I ask is for people to take a step back and see the issue of what is happening from both sides instead of going off what the media tells you. WAKE UP CALL THE MEDIA LIES.

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