Being a proud New Jerseyan means taking every opportunity you can to brag about our pizza and bagels. We honestly cannot even help it, so stop telling us to stop.

If you have never been to New Jersey I honestly feel bad for you, and no it's not all that the show Jersey Shore showed you, that stereotype needs to be put to rest as soon as possible. But that's an argument for another time.

Right now we need to take a moment of silence for the beautiful thing that is Jersey Pizza.

Huge slices of cheesy thin crusted wonderfulness. That's what Jersey Pizza is all about, but honestly, those words don't even come close to doing it complete justice.

The slices are huge ad if you stop into any authentic Italian Pizzeria, you can get just about any topping you want, but nothing tops a classic plain slice.

But I'm not going to lie to you not every place in Jersey has good pizza: don't hit up a Pizza Brothers, that is not real pizza.

Now if you live anywhere near me in NJ these pizzeria's are an absolute must:

Trattoria La Strada in Warren, NJ, Panateri's in Warren, NJ, Sorrento Pizza in Mendham, NJ, Alfonso's Pizzeria in Somerville, NJ, or Ciro's Pizza in Watchung, NJ.

Try one or all of those, and then try and tell me it wasn't the best slice you've ever had.

1. Pizza is a part of our DNA

Us Jersey Pizza Lovers literally connect with pizza in a different way than anyone from any other state does (unless you're from New York, then you know good pizza.)

2."But I thought New York has the best pizza!?"

Well, you're kind of right, they have the greatest water. That's what makes our pizza so good believe it or not its all in the water.

3. "No Chicago has the best pizza!"

Don't even get us started on the whole Chicago deep dish pizza is the best pizza argument... that is not cool and it never will be. New York and Jersey Pizza forever <33.

4. Trust me no one does pizza like Jersey does.

It's about time people drop the Chicago thing, the New York thing and the Jersey Shore thing and know that New Jersey is THE spot for the best pizza.

So what I'm trying to say is that if you've never tried Jersey pizza your entire pizza loving life has been a lie.

5. Forget About it!!!

New Jersey pizza is meant to be appreciated, especially if you are temporarily somewhere else and can't have it. Once you have pizza in another state you realize just how blessed you are to be from New Jersey.

6. It is just fact.

If I haven't convinced you to put eating New Jersey Pizza on your bucket list by now, I clearly didn't do my job.

So Shout out to you Jersey Pizza,

thank you for being you.