Here's To Many More

Three hundred sixty five days, I’ve walked by your side and held your hand. I’ve smiled and laughed through so many memories. For three hundred sixty five days, we’ve goofed off and laughed until our stomachs hurt. We’ve gone on walks and etched our initials into a tree that will fade away only in distant dreams. We’ve loved each other with great sacrifice and determination, always putting each other’s needs before our own. Three hundred sixty five days, I’ve observed your crooked smile that lights up my heart each time I see it. We’ve had our disagreements but have always made up because we can stay mad for only so long. The joy that emanates from your presence has made me realize what is worth fighting for. For three hundred sixty five days, we’ve gone on adventure after adventure and have faced every milestone together. You lifted me up when I’ve been down and wiped away my tears with every frown. For three hundred sixty five days, I’ve felt your embrace keeping me warm and safe from the bitterness of the world. Your words of encouragement and advice have brought me life and have persuaded me to move forward. For three hundred sixty five days, we’ve tried to put God first, always pursuing Him to be the center of our relationship. We’ve struggled yet conquered. I’ve wiped your tears away with fear of losing me and held you close to listen to my heart beat. We’ve shared sweet kisses which always make me believe in love all over again.

For three hundred sixty five days, I have loved you and here is something you should know: I will love you for many more. I have no intention of leaving you or moving on or giving up. I have no intention of jumping to another guy just because you don’t meet all my needs. I’m not like those other girls who sleep around and think dating is a hobby. You should know that my intentions are to keep you forever. Because you bring the greatest light to my life that no other man could provide. You make me laugh and smile and give me butterflies in my stomach. My hand fits perfectly into yours and my body into your embrace. You have sacrificed so much for me and I plan to sacrifice so much for you. I plan to hold you when you cry and laugh with you when your happy. I plan to support you in your passions and be your biggest fan. I plan to go on adventures with my best friend by my side, making memories till the day we die. Three hundred sixty five days is not enough with you. Not even a life time could be enough. Because I am not like those other girls and never will be. I am here to stay. So here’s to many more.

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