Something incredible happened.

I was sitting on my nana's couch while staring out her back door, thoughts pondering in my mind. Would I find love like my grandparents? While sipping our coffee at the table, chit-chatting as always, I wanted to hear how her and my poppy had met years ago.

She started off by saying, "It has been 65 years, but I still remember the first day we met."

My 94-year-old grandfather was sitting across the table, smiling ear to ear. "She's my wife," he replies.

She sipped her coffee and placed the mug down in front of her. She explained to me that my grandfather was her first and only boyfriend. I was astonished by what she had said, I actually replied saying, "Are you serious?"

At that moment, I realized that dating nowadays was completely different. I was very conflicted at the moment. My head wandered off thinking, "How did she fall in love with the first boy she ever kissed?"

Generations and generations have gone by since my nana and poppy were teenagers. However, I wonder why marrying your first kiss is so uncommon nowadays verse back then. What has changed?

Relationships are a precious thing. They are a connection between two people that is unique to only them. It is different from anyone else's relationship with that person or that person themselves. A bond between two people that no one can feel is the beauty of the relationship of the two people. It is vital that our generation begins to cherish the idea of a relationship.

I value the fact that my grandparents have shown me the meaning of a true relationship. It is something one can only dream for. My nana is a lucky woman to look over after 65 years and still love the same person. As generations fast forward, I hope we create our own definition of love, carry on old traditions, and make the world a happier place.

Not everyone is as lucky as my nana.