Your Heart Rate Doesn't Lie

Your Heart Rate Doesn't Lie

No matter the age, gender or fitness level, heart rate based training will work 100 percent of the time.

Technology used during exercise has become very popular today. Whenever you are at the gym or a fitness class, take notice of all the wearable technology around you. There are so many different types of heart rate monitors and they all take on different shapes and sizes.

These Fitbits or Apple watches, for example, are beneficial for tracking your workouts longterm, but they are very important for tracking your current heart rate throughout your workout.

Exercising based around heart rate is a great way to train. No matter the age, gender or fitness level, heart rate based training will work 100 percent of the time. You will benefit the most when you reach your target heart rate for 20-35 minutes.

Your target heart rate should be between 70-85 percent of your max heart rate. You find your MHR by subtracting your age from 220. This is your key to burning away any unwanted body fat. The higher your heart rate is, the more calories you will burn, but less fat. It is important to spend the most time around 70 percent, but increase your intensity at some point during your workout in order to get that extra calorie burn.

Wearing a heart rate monitor and keeping an eye on your heart rate will prevent under or over training. If your heart rate is too low, that means the intensity of your activity is not where it needs to be if you want to lose weight. Under training is not beneficial to your health and if you aren't going to push yourself, it defeats the purpose of exercising.

You don't want to under train, but the importance of not overtraining is just as important. If you push yourself too hard and your heart rate is about 90 percent of your max HR, you are not improving your fitness and could injure yourself. Monitoring your heart rate and making sure you are not over working will improve your workout and fitness level.

Orangetheory Fitness is a HIIT group fitness organization that utilizes the importance of your heart rate and creates daily workouts to train you in and out of difference heart rate zones. Heart rate based training is scientifically backed and guarantees success for any fitness level.

I am a strong believer in heart rate based training because it is science backed and is proven to get you the best results. Your heart rate doesn't lie and it's universal so any person can rely on this during their workout.

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An Emotional Smackdown of ME vs ME

Let's see who wins.


I cannot seem to keep my head above water. I'll be there existing then without warning, the water is filling my lungs. I am drowning and completely unaware of how I got there.

And then, I'm not even in the water.

I am not drowning.

All of this imagery is a noose around my brain cutting off circulation from my sense of reality to insanity. My mind is pulling at the noose and tightening it around my neck. I see my arms reaching for it but then it whispers, "why? Why should you go on? Who do you think you are fighting me? I OWN YOU. I AM YOU."

I cry and the voice in my head tells me the only comfort is in trusting myself...

take the gun

don't slow down

stop eating

stop breathing


When I find my voice and shush my mind by screaming, it only withers away for a while. It flares up and again I am crying in the middle of a workday. I am anxious when I pee. I am sad when I eat. I am angry when I run. I am ALWAYS fucking FEELING something. AND when it's a good feeling, I do not trust it. I am in pain 24/7 and I feel like every lasting moment of happiness or peace is just a ticking time bomb until the next wave hits me.

I am trying to do the thing where I "stay positive" and put face masks on but, I really just want to put a face mask on my brain. Can I please purify my mind instead of my pores for a second?

I have to tell myself things that I don't hear other people say. What's it like to not cry every day?

How does it feel to not feel everything?

Is it amazing knowing you are loved?

How do I get to where you are when I have an anchor around my neck making sure I drown, even when I try to swim.

I fight to stay alive and I am tired.

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