Getting Over A Break Up
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To The Girl Whose Heart Has Endured Wars

You don't need him. You are beautiful. You are strong. Time is essential. There is someone for everyone.


He made you feel special. He made you feel like you were the only girl in the world. He spoke words of honey. He was intelligent. He was open-minded. He was deep. He possessed the same morals, values, and interests as you. His touch was impeccable, bringing shivers of joy down your spine. His smile lit up a room. He had the physique of a marble statue and the mind of Confucius.

He was the one. The one you knew you wanted. The one that would put an end to the search. The one that you could build a life with, the type of life that was full of love and affection, but low maintenance and stress-free. Conversations deeper than the ocean, texting all hours of the day. Discussion of future plans. The constant favors. Your heart got the power over your mind and you're slaving away in an attempt to make him see what you're about.

But still, after all is said and done, he doesn't feel the same. He didn't have the same vision. He led you on. He used you. He played you.

You've had a rough past.

The male species is ruthless. Yes, there are almost eight billion people in the world, but you thought he was the one. You thought he was the one that was going to change your opinion on the male population as a whole. You thought he was your saving grace. You thought he was different, he even made it a point to classify himself as so. You gave him the benefit of the doubt. You thought he would actually be what he said he would be, and it would be a beautiful breath of fresh air.

Time after time, you fall into each and every one of their traps. They mindlessly speak words that tap into your heart not knowing that you're so emotional and yearn for things like that to be spoken to you. They don't know what you've been through, and they will never know, yet they continue stringing you along like it's no big deal. You continue believing these false promises because you crave the attention of a male after being broken so many times. Bending over backward to show you care, to show your interest, to show the type of person you are, and yet it never seems to work out.

Although a male presence is not necessary for your life, for some odd reason, you keep scouting. You crave to be loved. You want the attention of the one person that you too give all your time and energy to. A lot of good things come with having a significant other, but you need to find the right one. Find the one that brings out your inner beauty. Find the one that makes you blush. Find the one that radiates positivity and love. Find the one that you can see yourself building a future with.

It takes time to mend what's broken, but the right person will accelerate the process. Just like no one knows what your heart has been through, you can't be quick to jump to conclusions about others. Everything comes with time, and no matter how many heartbreaks you encounter in the process, there is someone out there who will compliment you like no other. There is someone out there for everyone.

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