10 Fast Food Meals That Even A Health Nut Will Love
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10 Fast Food Meals That Even A Health Nut Will Love

To all the fast food I've ate before.

10 Fast Food Meals That Even A Health Nut Will Love

We've all been there... late-night hunger, low funds, a chicken nugget craving. Of course, we would want to hit up Wendy's 4 for $4 and get a ton of food for the small price tag, but after we would probably feel incredibly bloated or have a lot of self-loathing.

However, eating at fast food restaurants doesn't have to be ridiculously unhealthy and can actually keep you on track with any wellness goals you might have. Here are some good options to choose from at all of our favorite drive-thru spots.

1. Opt for a side at Wendy's.  

Sour cream and onion baked potato and chili is an incredibly filling meal that doesn't leave you slightly nauseous from fast food overload.

2. Go grilled at McDonald's.

A small smoothie and two grilled chicken snack wraps are the way to go at McDonald's. You avoid the less than healthy dressings that come with salads and the mayo/sauce that is on almost all the sandwiches.

3. Stick to two tacos at Taco Bell.

Two Doritos Locos fiery tacos will leave you satisfied like no ex ever could. And since they're pretty small, it won't leave you feeling too guilty.

4. Drop the bun at In-N-Out.

The protein burger (aka the burger that comes beautifully wrapped in lettuce) lets people enjoy their amazing burgers minus the buns making it the perfect ~healthy~ alternative.

5. Choose grilled options or soup at Chick-fil-A.

First of all, if anyone ever wants some cheat day nuggets, do it right and go to Chick-fil-A and get their signature sauce and cry literal tears for the happiness you are having. But if it's not your cheat day, get the chicken tortilla soup or a grilled chicken sandwich.

6. Try a mushroom burger at Shake Shack.

Please forgive me for going to Shake Shack and not getting a black and white shake, but all is well with the 'shroom burger where they replace their beef patty for a portobello mushroom and add all the work-ins of a normal shack burger. This is a great alternative for vegetarians and anyone who is looking to enjoy a great burg without the meat.

7. Ask for grilled protein at Noodles & Company.

Forever holding a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, most of the pasta dishes aren't diet friendly, but a grilled chicken caesar salad (ask for them to mix sriracha into your caesar dressing!!!!!!!!) and a side chicken noodle will hit all the right places.

8. Grilled chicken wraps at Sonic.

Even though you're most likely here for the ice, get two grilled chicken wraps to go.

9.  Get some veggies at Popeyes.

Some corn on the cob and jambalaya makes the world go round.

10. Pick brown rice over white rice at Panda Express.

Let me start by saying the tea bar is a must and a priority. Follow that up with some black pepper chicken and brown steamed rice and take out has never seemed better.

Moral of the article: If you're at a fast food drive-thru, and they have a grilled chicken wrap, that is what you should be getting. And make it two to keep you full longer!

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