Eating breakfast can be a real struggle for some but it's important to remember that a venti Starbucks latte is not enough to keep you full and focused all day. Eating breakfast actually kick starts your metabolism and lets you burn more calories throughout the day. It can improve your mood and your focus throughout the day and is just a good idea in general.

1. Peanut butter toast with bananas 

Multigrain bread: Healthy whole grain

Peanut butter: Protein

Banana: Fruit

You can honestly use whatever nut butter you like or soy butter if you happen to be allergic to nuts.

Alternative: Avacado toast :)

2. Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is full of fiber which can help keep you full and focused until lunch time. The instant packs literally take 2 minutes to make. If you have more time you can always throw in some fruit for extra taste and nutrients.

3. Cereal (the healthy kind) 

Yes, some cereals can be full of sugar but if you grab some Cheerios or some Raisin Bran, you have an easy meal chalked full of while grains. gain, bonus points for adding fruit.

4. Yogurt (and fruit + granola)

Yogurt is a great quick meal in the morning that is full of protein and probiotics. Bonus points if you throw in some granola (grains) and fruit (nutrients)

5. Omelete  - with veggies

If you are feeling extra healthy you can even get an egg white omelets (which is where all of the protein is anyway). You can throw in some spinach, mushrooms, peppers (and cheese of course) AND BAM, you have a yummy, veggie-filled omelet. Pair with multigrain toast for a perfectly well-balanced meal.