My life could be crumbling around me, but chicken nuggets are always there. They're a tasty food that can be a meal or a snack, are oh so tasty, and I can never get tired of eating them! Here's why:

1. Chicken nuggets are always there for me, sort of like my family.

You can buy them at just about every fast food place, and even better, you can buy them frozen. You can eat them at any time of day. They are always there because they are everywhere.

2. Chicken nuggets do not care if I switch it up on them.

Chicken nuggets can be dipped in so many different sauces. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, Chick-Fil-A sauce, Polynesian sauce, or ranch... Chicken nuggets don't care if I am feeling BBQ today and ranch tomorrow.

3. If my friends cancel our plans, you know where I will be!

Plans tonight? Nope, my friends just canceled. I guess I will enjoy chicken nuggets and binge watch Netflix. No problem! Side note: a Netflix name like Nugget Guru is pretty cool if you ask me!

4. Chicken nuggets will never judge me if I cheat on my diet.

You've been eating healthy all week and you have been dying to have a cheat meal, why can't it be chicken nuggets? You probably can't answer that question because you are on your way to get some right now, right? I know I am getting some!

5. They're sharable, but let's be real, who wants to share nuggets? I DON'T!

I never like to share my nuggets, but I know if there is ever a day where I decide to, I can.

6. Nuggets always create the perfect pair.

I can eat nuggets alone or with fries. Either way, they are just as tasty!

7. Dino nuggets are so cool!

Not only do chicken nuggets come in the generic round shape, but they come in other shapes too. Like DINO NUGGETS! Is it me, or do they just taste better because they're in a cool shape?

8. They freaking come in a heart shape box, how could it get better than that?

I love chicken nuggets and they love me too.

With that, enough has been said! Go treat yourself to some nuggets, because I am doing that right now!