8 Times Chicken Nuggets Never Let Me Down

8 Times Chicken Nuggets Never Let Me Down

You can eat them for dinner or for a midnight snack, and they fit into a combo perfectly!


My life could be crumbling around me, but chicken nuggets are always there. They're a tasty food that can be a meal or a snack, are oh so tasty, and I can never get tired of eating them! Here's why:

1. Chicken nuggets are always there for me, sort of like my family.

You can buy them at just about every fast food place, and even better, you can buy them frozen. You can eat them at any time of day. They are always there because they are everywhere.

2. Chicken nuggets do not care if I switch it up on them.

Chicken nuggets can be dipped in so many different sauces. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, Chick-Fil-A sauce, Polynesian sauce, or ranch... Chicken nuggets don't care if I am feeling BBQ today and ranch tomorrow.

3. If my friends cancel our plans, you know where I will be!

Plans tonight? Nope, my friends just canceled. I guess I will enjoy chicken nuggets and binge watch Netflix. No problem! Side note: a Netflix name like Nugget Guru is pretty cool if you ask me!

4. Chicken nuggets will never judge me if I cheat on my diet.

You've been eating healthy all week and you have been dying to have a cheat meal, why can't it be chicken nuggets? You probably can't answer that question because you are on your way to get some right now, right? I know I am getting some!

5. They're sharable, but let's be real, who wants to share nuggets? I DON'T!

I never like to share my nuggets, but I know if there is ever a day where I decide to, I can.

6. Nuggets always create the perfect pair.

I can eat nuggets alone or with fries. Either way, they are just as tasty!

7. Dino nuggets are so cool!

Not only do chicken nuggets come in the generic round shape, but they come in other shapes too. Like DINO NUGGETS! Is it me, or do they just taste better because they're in a cool shape?

8. They freaking come in a heart shape box, how could it get better than that?

I love chicken nuggets and they love me too.

With that, enough has been said! Go treat yourself to some nuggets, because I am doing that right now!

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7 Places That Make 6th Street In Austin, TX The BEST Street In Austin

From live entertainment to the best local brews.


When you think of Texas, I'm sure you think of cowboy hats and George Bush, but in the bustling city of Austin, it is so much more than that, especially on 6th street.

Voodoo Doughnut 

Are you a big Krispy Kreme fan? Well, you won't be any more after you indulge one of the Voodoo doughnuts from their well-known pink boxes. According to Voodoo Doughnut, "Good things come in pink boxes," especially their Homer and Bacon Maple Bar doughnut. (Based on personal experience)

Buffalo Billiards 

A yee-haw western bar that brings a modern twist into it. Come have fun and play some pool or darts or have some real fun by ordering drinks such as their "Blue Balls," or "Nice Rack."

Green Light Social 

An organic patio bar that is appropriate for just about anyone from young professionals to college students in Austin. Get yourself a nice "adult" Capri Sun, and dance in the radiant green, glowing lights.

The Blind Pig Pub 

A popular roof-top bar that has been located in the middle of 6th street for over 15 years and includes games and live music every single day. This pub has a whopping four bars and two floors dedicated to live music, and a chance to enjoy 16 local beers on tap.

Star Bar 

Another great gem that lights up 6th street with its huge neon sign that greets people from afar. This bar has two patios, one in the front for people watching, and another patio in the back. Along with their 17 rotating taps, they are also home of the best Fried Chicken trailer in Texas.

Voodoo Room 

If you are interested in more than just standing around and casual having a nice cocktail at the bar, I recommend Voodoo Room. Here you have the option to dance the night away with bottle service and drink specials from Thursday-Sunday.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar 

A bar that is full of entertainment and piano players. This is the only dueling piano bar in Austin, TX that includes a laugh-along and a sing-along great time for everyone.

This is only a sprinkle of what 6th street is all about. From the east side to the west side of this street is full of never-ending unique fun and food that I believe everyone should experience at least once.

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I Deleted My Finsta And You Should Too

What manifestation has to do with Instagram and why should you work to incorporate it into your daily life.


I'm sitting at home with my brother, and we're talking about life and manifestation. What is manifestation, you ask? Manifestation is using your imagination to project yourself into the future with your goals. Manifestation is connecting with your inner self, telling yourself what you want to achieve, and then seeking it out.

It's similar to the Law of Attraction; we (intentionally or unintentionally) put out our emotions and thoughts into the world, and what you put out is what you get. For example, when a woman is thinking about having a child, they will tend to see a lot of babies just while doing anything. If you're thinking or feeling something, you are MANIFESTING that karmic energy into the world; you are seeking it out or trying to achieve it.

When you think about it, setting goals is just manifestation. Do you want to get an A in a class? You tell yourself that. You work towards it every day. You think about it. And then it happens. If you put thought and effort into the Universe, the Universe will put thought and effort into you.

There is an interesting way you can test this theory out. For a week, when you wake up, tell yourself that you will have a good and productive day. You don't have to say it out loud, but just consciously think it to yourself, and throughout the day. I can tell you that the days I do this are always better than the days I don't.

So what does all of this have to do with Instagram?

Well, I had a finsta. A finsta is a "fake Instagram" account, where people rant or post memes, or just post whatever they want. I deleted it, and have even recently been contemplating deleting my real Instagram account as well. I was sitting there and realizing that all of the drama and stupid things I posted on my finsta, it was all manifestation.

I was placing negative energy into my life, and not only that, but it was public for the world to see.

You don't have to delete your finsta account or go dark on social media just be in touch with yourself spiritually, but I think that it is a pretty good step in the right direction.

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