Oranges make tasty treats, and they're packed with feel-good health benefits!

Luckily, oranges and lemons are easily accessible in grocery stores and farmers markets. Not only can citrus fruits smell good and taste better, but they are extremely beneficial for your body and health. I never used to add lemon to my water, it seemed like a trendy Instagram recipe that really didn't do anything besides "look aesthetic," BUT the taste is so refreshing and worth the extra few minutes of cutting lemons.

1. Citrus fruits can defend your body.

Citrus fruits contain antioxidants that defend your body from illnesses, damage, and disease. Antioxidants can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer from developing inside your body because they fight against harmful radicals (your body is pretty cool, right?!). Antioxidants are naturally found in vegetables and fruits, especially oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits. Antioxidants prevent inflammation in your body, creating a healthier, stronger you! Don't forget that you gain up to 5x more antioxidants from consuming a whole fruit, rather than drinking fruit juices and concentrates. Processed juices lose their nutritional value, so squeeze your own orange juice for breakfast.

2. Citrus fruits are packed with fiber

Around 60% of fiber found in citrus fruits lowers cholesterol and prevents blood sugar spikes. A cup of orange slices equals to about 4 grams of fiber and a woman needs around 14 grams for every 1,000 calories! Citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruits, are low in calories but extremely filling. To absorb maximum nutrients, each citrus fruits raw and not in juice form. The fiber from the actual fruit slows down digestion (you're full for longer!), so your body can fully absorb the nutrients. Not yet used to eating fiber-rich foods? Take it slow and eat small portions of citrus fruits to avoid negative side effects, like digestive problems and bloating. With a constant influx of fiber, your body will maintain stable blood sugar levels and you'll lower your risk of disease.

3. Citrus fruits pack major vitamin C

Instead of drinking fruit juice or stocking up on cold medicine, find your vitamin C in citrus fruits! Vitamin C produces collagen that improves your skin's elasticity and structure, and it strengthens your immune system. High doses of vitamin C shorten and lessen cold symptoms. Lemons are also major superfruits, and one lemon's juice supplies a third of your vitamin C for the day! Lemons also detox the body of any impurities and support proper digestion. Looking to heal up after a cold? Sneak some lemon into your tea or warm water to fill up on vitamin C and boost your immune system.

4. Citrus fruits make you look better

Citrus fruits make us *feel good* and look even better! Citric acid kills bacteria on the skin while leaving it fresh and squeaky clean. Lemon juice acts as a natural toner for the skin. Add one part of squeezed, *fresh* lemon to half part tea tree/coconut oil and two parts clean water to create your own toner. Lemon fights acne and brightens the face. Citrus fruits make your skin glow while battling wrinkles and smoothing the skin's surface. Citrus fruit juice can combat dry, damaged hair and stimulate hair growth.