Yes, He Didn't Text Me Back Right Away, No, That Doesn't Mean He Lost Interest
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Yes, He Didn't Text Me Back Right Away, No, That Doesn't Mean He Lost Interest

Your self-worth shouldn't be determined by a text message.

Yes, He Didn't Text Me Back Right Away, No, That Doesn't Mean He Lost Interest

So it’s been 24 hours and he still hasn’t texted you back...what do you do?

I think most of us girls start to worry because we just assume that we did something wrong and that automatically means he doesn’t like us anymore. I know this because I was one of those girls.

The truth is it most likely has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. I know we’ve all had our friends say, “Maybe he’s just really busy,” when they see us panicking, but that never seems to put us at ease. How can he be so busy that he can’t take thirty seconds to type up a reply? That’s ridiculous, is usually what you’ll say back to them, right?

Since your friends couldn’t give you the advice that you really needed to hear, I will.

Let’s set the scene first. You’ve had your eye on this guy for awhile and you finally got his number, whether it was you mustering up the courage to ask him or maybe he insisted on giving it to you. Now that you have it, you’re squealing with joy on the inside because you’re one step closer to getting to know him.

Instead of deciding to send some default “How was your day?” text, you realize that it’ll be way better to try and make plans with him. After all, you win a guy over in person, not over a text. You send the text and go about with your day to avoid looking at your phone 24/7.

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An hour later you’re over-the-moon with joy when you get that first response back. You finish whatever you were doing before you checked your phone, and then shoot him a text back. And it’s not one of those this-is-the-end-of-our-convo texts because you literally just started texting him and are trying to get the details figured out.

No response.

Instead of panicking and coming up with every single reason in your head of what you did wrong, just breathe. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Honestly, why are you even freaking out? YOU are an amazing, high-value woman and he should be honored that you’re willing to spend your time with him. Just breathe and keep reading.

DON'T send him a follow-up text, especially if the last text you sent was a question.

DON'T assume that he lost interest because there are so many reasons he didn’t respond right away. 9 times out of 10 none of those have to do with you.

DO put your phone down and distract yourself with something else. If that means venting to a friend first, go ahead. Go out and do something that’ll make YOU feel good about yourself.

Chances are you’ll come back to your phone and there will be an apology message from him waiting for you, Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you, let’s get drinks around 7 on Thursday.

You’ll probably read it and think, “I was worried about THAT response, wow.”

The time you spend worrying about why he didn’t text you back could be spent doing something you love. Remember that.

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