Having Financially Supportive Parents Doesn’t Make Me Spoiled Or Entitled

My Parents Support Me Financially But That Doesn’t Make Me 'Spoiled' Or 'Entitled,' Just Lucky

My parents are not rich. I was not born into money. I'm not entitled or spoiled. Just lucky to have good parents.


I decided to write an article last week as an ode to my parents for just some of the great things they do for me constantly. I summarized that I believe I am not spoiled, I was just lucky enough to be gifted with two amazing parents who do their best to make sure I have what is best for me. The article was shared throughout Facebook with some people agreeing with me, tagging their parents (or parent figures), showing their appreciation.

However, others called me out for being "entitled" and being "fed with a silver spoon my whole life." A portion also said that my parents were not great just because of a financial situation or they weren't teaching me responsibility, that I was never going to be able to take care of myself. Let's get one thing right off of the bat.

My parents are not rich. I was not born into money.

Yes, they both work but my family is considered lower middle class. There was even a long period of time where my dad was without a job, but we got through it. I grew up in a town where the poverty level was extremely high. I didn't go to some fancy private school, I went to high school where the walls were stained with wet spots and the windows were cracked, where kids engaged in fights, and the testing scores were below average. My parents would have loved to put me and my siblings into a better school district but they couldn't afford the expenses of a private institution (even with a scholarship) or to move altogether.

Like I said in the article before, my parents do pay for my student loans and phone bill directly. As I also stated, I give them a sum of money every month with a little extra so it can cover all of that. I understand bills have a due date, I understand that when the time comes, they will have to be paid on time. Do you know why? My parents taught me that. Responsibility, in which I also have some jobs to do while at home as picking up the dog's poop and helping my mom with housework. I do my own laundry while at school, but at home, my mom offers as she does the whole household's in single loads (which I help with!). My parents raised my older sister the same way and now she has a baby and a house, all while providing for them.

My mom and my dad aren't just fantastic parents because of their incomes being able to give me more leeway with expenses.

They are there when I need to cry, when I need a reality check, and will always be my friend (a parent first). If they expected me to do everything, they would still be awesome. Your parents could not help you with money at all but support you and your decisions emotionally and you could appreciate them and love them, not saying they're not great because they don't help out financially. Some parents don't have the financial means to do what mine has done but that doesn't make them any less of a great parent. Sometimes the heads of the families need that kind of aid which is perfectly OK because life happens and I would help them out in a heartbeat.

I have a part-time job and it is clearly written in the previous article so I don't understand why a bunch of people are telling me to get a job or forever be doomed to a life of depending on my parents. I attend school full-time which Mom and Dad know is hard from the multiple phone calls they get about all of my assignments. They don't want to add to my stress if they can do something about it. I pay for every luxury for myself like a trip to both Disney and Orlando last spring. If they gift me something, I make sure it is known how appreciated it is.

While I am still iffy on the subject of having kids and not at a point in my life where I want to be thinking of them, I want to raise my kids the same way that my parents raised me and my siblings if I do have them. I think I turned out pretty alright. When they're old and frail, I won't place them in a nursing home for all of the years they have supported me. My mom and dad can come live in my house.

My parents taught me responsibility.

They made sure I was a good kid who achieved good grades. They didn't give me everything I have ever wanted in life but they taught me to work for it while they give me everything I have ever needed. Now when I stand on my two feet completely alone, I will have a head start. Is it that bad that parents want to help their children out in any way they can? So thanks again, Mom and Dad.

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Dear Softball

Thank you softball.


Dear Softball,

I fell in love with you when I was just three years old, and honestly I've never looked back. Had you told my three-year-old self that I'd still be playing at 21 years old however, I'm not sure that I would ever have believed you. Growing up in the small town of Delhi, playing baseball with the boys was what I lived for. I'd spend countless hours in my backyard throwing and hitting by myself just so I could keep up with the boys on the field. It was when I switched to softball however, my life truly changed. You have made the past 18 years extremely difficult to say the least, but these years have shaped my life and truly made me who I am today.

My parents have made so many sacrifices because of you. I have never met two people who are more hard-working than they are. They have spent countless hours, working overtime, continuously saving up, just to allow me to follow my hopes and dreams. Because of you, softball, my relationship with my parents is so strong, and we have countless memories that we will never forget. You helped my parents to not only be my number one fans on the field, but also in life, and for that I am beyond grateful. You have brought me the greatest support system I could have ever asked for.

There have been so many moments I have missed out on throughout the duration of high school and college because of you. I've missed family reunions and dinners, weddings, concerts, and events, but at the end of the day you have given me more opportunities than most could ever dream of. There were times I dreaded going to practice with you because it meant I missed out on some pretty cool things with my friends. You also forced me to leave events early quite often because I would have to be up early for a game the next day. Looking back on it all now, I wouldn't trade any of my time spent with you for the world.

So many doors were opened because of you. So many laughs, so many tears, so many friendships, so many opportunities. You've given me the opportunities to play for so many different teams and organizations: Delhi, WBS Twins, Brantford Bobcats, Mississauga Tigers, Vaughan Vikings, Toronto Fastpitch, Bytown Belles, Whitby Eagles, to name just a few. You have given me the opportunity to not only represent my hometown, but my province with Team Ontario, and my country with Team Canada as well. This was my biggest dream come true.

Finally, you opened a door for a college education and scholarship to play you at the highest level. Specifically speaking, my college career with you has been the most difficult four years of my life, but it has been incredibly worth it. There are moments where I sit back and wonder if playing you was really worth all of the blood, sweat, hard work and tears, but holding up the horizon league trophy this year made that evidently clear; you were worth it, without a doubt. You allowed for me to experience something most people don't; an NCAA regional. Working hard beside 20 girls has taught me to believe in something and work for something much bigger than myself. You have taught me to be a great teammate, to set a good example, and to always lead with my heart in absolutely everything I do; this is something I will carry with me in life. With opening the door to college, you have allowed me to discover myself and what I want in life. So for these specific things and so so many more, I thank you.

Thank you for never failing to be my stress relief from school. Thank you for never ever failing to be a fresh breath in world full of chaos. Thank you for being one of the main reasons that my family is so close. Thank you for teaching me to work hard. Thank you for giving me some of the greatest role models in life. Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to fail sometimes. Thank you for introducing me some of my best friends. Thank you for allowing me to represent my town, my school, my province and my country. Thank you for loving me, even on the days where I hated and wanted to give up on you. Thank you for allowing me to discover who I truly am. Thank you giving me some of the greatest memories. Thank you for allowing 18 years of dedication to end in a win. Thank you for allowing me to hang up my cleats with a ring on my finger. Thank you for placing the people in my life that have built me into who I am today. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you, softball, for everything.

Yours Truly,

Courtney Gilbert

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Dear Mom, I Hope You Know

They always say that daughters grow up to be just like their mothers. All I can say is "I hope that's true."


Ever since I was little, you fought for me. Granted, every mother fights for their child (or should). But you? You went through so much before I ever became a factor in your life and it made you strong, yet terrified- even though you might never admit it. But once I was here, you knew that that was it. This is what God had intended for you. You knew that your job was to raise and love me with all your heart, and strive to be the best mom that you could be. And you succeeded.

Despite everything that was, and still is, thrown at you, you always managed to stay strong, fight through it all and win. The amount of strength that you have is unbelievable and I honestly have no idea how you do everything you do. All I do know is that you are a force to be reckoned with. Nothing can stand in your way because one way or another, you'll get it taken care of and try your damnedest for perfection.

I also know that raising me wasn't easy. After all, you're right. I'm my father's daughter. I sometimes focus on a tiny detail rather than the big picture, or I say and do things that are beyond stupid. But I'm your daughter too; the relentless attitude, sarcasm, and smartass-ness are 100% you, and even you can't deny that- well you could, but we both know it be bullshit. Regardless, you've never given up. Despite the terrible things I've said to or about you (that you eventually heard directly), I want you to know that in my heart, I didn't mean it. I never have. (Aside from the smidgen of things that you've admitted yourself). I know you know that, but that doesn't make it excusable. Everyone knows raising a daughter isn't easy, and all moms know that they'll eventually be the bad guy in any situation but you always pushed through it. I have to commend you for that.

You were always there, supporting everything that I did and helped every chance you could. All the way through those stupid choir concerts in elementary school that sound God awful, spelling bees, band concerts, performances during football games, marching band and colorguard contests, solo and ensemble, dress shopping for banquets and proms (including having to deal with Band Boosters and other incompetent band parents), high school graduation, college move in/out days, college performances, cheering me on as a member of the rowdiest student organization OSU has to offer, and eventually my soon-to-come college graduation. All this, with every little thing in-between.

You rode my ass through school to make sure I did well, and hell, you still do and I'm in college. True, I did the physical work, but you constantly made sure my head was it the right place. You've always had my back, even when I thought you didn't. If I ever seemed like I was veering off in a different direction, you managed to guide me back to where I needed to be to achieve. All you've ever wanted was for me to succeed. Because of your encouragement, guidance, and pushing me to be the best I can be, I'm attending my dream school and chasing after the profession that I've always wanted.


But let's pretend none of that matters for a second.

Regardless of all that, I hope you know that I'm thankful to have you. You. I'm thankful for all the things you've done, sure, but I'm beyond grateful that you are my mom. If I had anyone else, I don't know who or where I would be. I would expect to be the polar opposite of who I am now, if I'm being honest. But I like the person I've become. I like what I'm doing and what I've achieved. The only reason I've gotten as far as I have is because of you. Yes, I have my own drive but you are the one that made it so strong, academically and otherwise. And yes, I have dad and memee that contributed and were there as much as they could be, but at the end of the day they're not you.

We may have gone through constant battles with each other in the past, but now they're far and few between. As I've grown and become more mature, we've become closer and that'll continue. They always say that daughters grow up to be their mothers, and all I can say is "I hope that's true".

You are independent, intelligent, loving, caring, beautiful, responsible, respectable, funny, protective, brave, loyal, and most importantly: strong.

And don't you dare let anyone tell you otherwise.

I can only hope that when I'm older, I'll be like you. I know I'm already on my way, but that doesn't change the fact that I have big shoes to fill. I hope I'll be at least half the woman and mother that you are. And when the time comes for you to pass the torch, I hope I'm ready, worthy, and strong enough to take on everything you have.

But let's avoid that for as long as possible please.

This, admittedly, doesn't express my complete appreciation for you; nor does it express the fear of eventually losing you. I hope and pray that day doesn't come for a while. I can't imagine not be able to call or surprise you on the weekends. But again, let's avoid that for as long as possible.

I sincerely hope you know how much I appreciate you and everything you've done and sacrificed for me. I hope you know that you are the reason that I've made it as far as I have. I hope you know that you're the reason I keep striving to be the best I can, not only for myself, but because you did the same thing for me time and time again. I hope I'm making you proud and plan to never stop trying.

But most importantly, I hope you know how much I love you.


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