I was only a year and a half old at the time of the 9/11 attacks. Some would say that this historic event didn't have much of an impact on me because I was so young, but I beg to differ. The 9/11 attacks affected everybody in America. Whether you know someone who lost their life in the attacks, has served with law enforcement to protect citizens or just simply have gone through airport security, you know the impact this day made on our country. Eighteen years later after the September 11 attacks, and we still honor and remember those who have fallen. Yet have we forgotten?

Have we forgotten about the fear the country felt after not one but TWO planes struck the twin towers in New York City?

Have we forgotten about those who woke up on the morning of September 11 thinking it was going to be a normal day?

Have we forgotten about the nineteen terrorists who hijacked commercial airplanes so they could harm innocent lives?

Have we forgotten about the flight attendants who were scared out of their mind?

Have we forgotten about the emergency personnel for the sacrifice they made that day?

Have we forgotten about the attack on the Pentagon ensuing to kill 125 military and civilian personnel?

Have we forgotten about the evacuations in Washington D.C.?

Have we forgotten about the collapse of the north and south towers?

Have we forgotten about the collapse of the Pentagon E ring?

Have we forgotten about the rescue workers trapped in loads of dust and debris to make sure people were safe?

Have we forgotten about how the passengers and crew aboard the plane provided critical information yet still couldn't track the hijacked planes?

Have we forgotten about those who lost their life that day?

Have we forgotten that no country is invulnerable?

Have we forgotten that intelligence cannot be ignored?

Have we forgotten that the fight against terror is not over?

Have we forgotten about America?

The September 11 attacks made a profound impact on not just American history, but world history as well. Today marks 18 years since the attacks in America. We cannot forget about the sacrifices made that day or the lives lost by innocent people. While this was not the first time the World Trade Center was under attack, we cannot bother to ignore terrorism. We need to educate ourselves about the 9/11 attacks and what measures we can take to make our country more safe. America's citizens are strong and patriotic, yet we still have a lot to learn. I hope that one day we will understand no country is invulnerable to being under attack. Instead we need to thank our law enforcement for the great job they do in protecting our country and making us safe.

Today we remember. Today I haven't forgotten.