You have heard it a million times before and here I am telling you again; water is so amazingly good for you! You probably heard that at some point when you were trying to get healthy. Started drinking a ton of water for a week, tops, and then forgot or lost interest. But be inspired again because water is magical and can help you out in so many different ways. You are human and you have a million problems in your life, so make your life a little easier by drinking lots of water. Drinking enough water will solve so many of your problems for you! Imagine these situations:

You wake up a couple days before a huge presentation/ date/ what have you. Your face is a mess because that is how your life is going right now. Calm down. Drink some water and clean out your system! Your skin will thank you and so will the rest of your body!

You go through your day feeling a little down. Your throat might be dry, you might be exhausted (which is strange, because for once you shut off Netflix and got a healthy eight hours), or you might have a headache that just won't go away. Wow, surprise, drink some water. Your body needs it and it will tell you as many times as it needs to until you get the message.

You're trying to lose weight? Drinking water will help with that, too. A lot of the time, you think you're hungry but you're actually thirsty. Have a glass of water and you'll be sure to over-eat less often.

Maybe your New Year's resolution was to be a healthier person. Well, I don't think I even have to tell you at this point, but drink water. Your body is 60 percent water, so it is a little important.

If these reasons aren't enough, it is possible to die from dehydration. Take advantage of the fact that the water you have is safe for you to drink and stop complaining that it tastes bad or doesn't taste like anything at all. If the taste really bothers you that much, I suggest mixing a bit of lemon juice in it. It makes it far more enjoyable to down those eight cups a day. And please don't buy plastic water bottles from the vending machines; those are wasteful. If, while reading this article, you tried to remember the last time you drank enough water, then it was too long ago. Go drink some water!