Every time I come home for a break, I am always asked the question, "So, do you like your school?" If you asked me last year, I would have either gave you a fake smile and answer or I would have told you the truth. The response to this question would have been, "No, now let's not talk about it."

Freshman year was a challenging one. Between the transition, learning how to live in a new city, the social life, my school life and my outside school life were all being thrown at me at once. I didn't know how to handle it, so everything came tumbling down.

Honestly, it probably wasn't the school at all, it was more a personal feeling, but I decided it had to be the school because I never felt like that before. Therefore, I came to the conclusion to hate the school and spent the night I came home from the last day of school on my computer looking at other schools to transfer to.

I was set on leaving this place, but then I thought, "What happens if I hate it here too? What if I am making a bad decision?" There were a lot of decisions to be made. Finally, I reminded myself that I never give up and stayed at my school. "I will give it one more semester."

The next school year rolled around, and I started to get closer with girls in my sorority and classes. However, I still felt like something was missing and I found myself sitting in my dorm room still. The current semester started and I became more active in my school. I joined activities I wouldn't usually do, I pushed myself into going to social events where I met amazing people, and I started hanging out with more people whether it was getting dinner or hanging out and having dance parties in our rooms like we were five years old again.

What can I say? I told myself that I don't give up, and now look where I am. Therefore, I came up with the most honest, perfect answer to that question.

"Do you like your school?" "YES! Let me tell you about it."