If you're a West Virginia University Student (or really any student) that needs motivation to get through this upcoming finals week.

If you're working and need something to get you through this day.

If you're anyone looking for any reason to procrastinate…. go do something first of all.

But really, if you're just surviving the day/week, here's something that probably won't help, but might.

1. Take a five-minute break.


Even if you're working on something important—which I doubt you are because you're reading this—it's harder to continue something when you can't find a reason to care much about it. So, go on a walk and come back to it.

2. Look up some inspirational quotes.


They never help me but sometimes it makes it better to comment on them. Unless you're in a very specific mood, the "hang in there" kitty posters help literally nobody.

3. Research a random topic that you want to learn more about.


This actually does help me sometimes. Depending on the topic I research, it makes me want to get involved with something. Recently I've been on a three-day binge of what the best budgeted electric longboard might be and I absolutely cannot wait to get one.

4. Watch whatever show you can't put down.


Yeah, this one is pretty much procrastinating but really aren't these all? The point is, sometimes taking a break can help you clear your head and find some motivation to continue on.

5. Take a minute to reflect.


Right now, it's so easy to notice because it's spring, but be thankful for the warm sun on your face whenever you get a chance to walk outside. Aside from that however, try to notice something small and give it credit for helping make you day good. What's something that may have annoyed or inconvenienced you without it working or being there today?