how to watch scary movies

When You're Forced To Watch A Scary Movie, These 6 Tricks Make It Look Like You're Actually Watching It

"Paranormal Activity" gave me nightmares for over a year, but I still seem to find myself in situations where I have to watch scary movies.


Seriously? What's the big thrill?

If you're like me then you have lots of friends who enjoy watching scary movies during the Halloween season. But if you're also like me, then you can't stand scary movies and just the thought of them gives you nightmares for weeks. I watched "Paranormal Activity" and woke up at 3 A.M. almost every night for a year.

So here are some helpful tips for all those scaredy-cats like me who don't want to feel the FOMO but still hate scary movies.

1. Make fun of the movie the whole time.

This is my number one go-to for watching a scary movie.

Sometimes the others watching the movie even help me with it. Not only do you look like you're enjoying the movie, sometimes you even find that you are. There are plenty of things to make fun of in a scary movie.

How many times can the boyfriend abandon his girlfriend just to leave her to get killed in his absence?

Let's talk about the millions of creative and disgusting ways the writers can devise for their characters to die. Or how about how unrealistic that one death scene was? Like the characters wouldn't have called the police at this point. Hahaha. (As you secretly hope they don't notice how much the movie is really affecting you.)

2. Focus on the movie snacks.

The best part of any movie night is the snacks!

If you're having a scary movie night, then prep ahead of time by bringing all your favorite snack foods. Then, during a particularly gruesome scene, you can make the excuse that you have to get more food or are "generously" preparing more food for the whole group.

3. Contemplate all the ways in which "that can't happen to you."

For me, the most scary thing about horror movies is the worry that that might happen to me. Who really cares about the people in the movie?

And yes, gruesome deaths are gross, but what really gives me the chills is when I start contemplating myself in some deserted cabin where the Strangers come to pay a visit. So instead, while you're watching a scary movie, keep thinking about all the ways in which the story line could never happen to you. How many times do you stay in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods alone?

Uh, never.

Cool then you're totally fine. When was the last time you tried to summon the devil? Ahh, not ever. Perfect! Then you've got nothing to worry about.

4. Watch the movie with a date.

This one could actually work in your favor! If you watch a scary movie on a date, this gives you the perfect opportunity to snuggle up and get comforted. Maybe your date likes scary movies? Well, here's his or her chance to help you through it.

5. Talk to the characters.

Yell at the screen. Have a conversation with the characters telling them what they are doing wrong.

"Why would you leave your girlfriend in the car?"

"You're totally going to die if you do that!"

It doesn't help the characters in the least, but at least it helps your self-esteem so that you know how much smarter you are then the people in the movie and therefore it reinforces that much more how that could never happen to you.

6. Watch the scary movie at home versus in a movie theatre.

If you're in a movie theatre it's harder to make easy getaways or pause the movie if it gets to be too much.

There are also many more distractions you can find when you are safe in your home versus when you are in a movie theatre. Your dog might walk in during a scary scene.

Or you can run to your own bathroom to escape.

Or maybe a parent/roommate interrupts when you are feeling particularly scared. Being at home is always the safer and more comforting option.

Despite all these helpful hints, I still find scary movies to be too frightening to be fun to watch. But you never know when your friends convince you to watch something you'd rather not see. It is almost Halloween after all.

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