Well, You Guys, It's Finally The 'I Hate My Roommate' Time Of Year
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Well, You Guys, It's Finally The 'I Hate My Roommate' Time Of Year

It's about that time of the year that your roommate begins to annoy you, but that doesn't last forever. You still love them.

Well, You Guys, It's Finally The 'I Hate My Roommate' Time Of Year

The semester is almost over and you have gotten used to your roommate. You either were best friends who decided who to live with each other or two complete strangers who just ended up with each other. Either way, you get along just fine, or not at all.

This is the time of year when your roommate really may just get on your nerves. You can nitpick everything that he/she does that just doesn't meet your standards. You have created a list in your head of all the reasons why they are getting on your last nerves, and it's possible you have told other friends of the many solutions: like finding a new roommate.

Here are some of the many reasons why you have been a tiny be irritated, but I promise you it will be OK.

1. Too Messy

I mean basically, that's what you think your room looks like at this point. But, we're all human right? I'm guilty of being a mess, too. Let's not get too upset unless you have repeatedly told them to clean up. But let's face it, you're still going to think they're messy and you will continue to think they're messy unless they are as clean or even cleaner than you.

2. Too Loud

Sometimes you just have those roommates who just are loud. Even when they're not trying to be loud, they're loud. Or really you just have sensitive ears, but let's just say they're loud. You wake up, they're loud. You're studying, they're loud. You go to bed, they're loud. Heck, maybe when you're using the bathroom they're too loud. They just have this loud voice that you can't get away from. You constantly hear it and while you're in class you feel like you can hear them still. Yeah... That might have been a bit dramatic. But, yes, I honestly know what you mean.

3. Too Butt Hurt

I love babies, I promise. They cry a lot and they get their feelings hurt a lot. You don't ever know what the right thing to say is. They cry when they see a sad movie, cry when something bad is happening, cry when life gets a little bit rough. You don't know when you're ever going to upset them because when they cry you don't know if it's something you did. But you got to love them because they're the ones who care about you the most.

4. Too Mean

I really don't mean, mean. But yes, they just don't care. They don't care if you're butthurt; t really does not phase them. It's about them first, then you. Ultimately, they do what makes them happy, and those who are too sensitive may get a little butthurt. It's really just how they are.

5. Too Clean

They're OCD, they just want everything to be put back where you got it in the first place. You can't just come back home and unwind without making sure that you're not being too messy. They want perfection and you can't give them that. These are the people are who going to have those really nice houses when you all grow up and it's going to look amazing. Be jealous ladies, they're going to have the nice houses.

6. Too Much of a Party Animal

Now, I'm not talking about the ones who party on the weekends and study during the weekdays. Not the ones who know their limit and don't get belligerently drunk. I am talking about those who party day and night through the whole week. They're always doing something, whether it's getting drunk or smoking a little sum, sum. They don't know how to wind down, and you end up going into your room and they're constantly passed out because a) They're drunk still, b)they're hungover or c) taking a nap so they can continue to get drunk.

7. Too Much Borrowing

You're missing something from your closet? Your roommate probably has it. This is the roommate that goes out of her way and takes something without asking. You see her on the streets and you think you've seen that outfit before. Guess what, it's probably yours. They think you're best friends forever and what's yours is their's and vise versa. They're the roommate that borrows your clothes to maybe go out and you see a tear and you will never want them to borrow it ever again.

8. Too Much of a Ghost

Bless, do you even have a roommate? This roommate is constantly away and never home. That's really it. They just don't exist really. You wouldn't be surprised if they're Halloween custom this year is a ghost, because literally, they're ghosting. Even if you saw them once or twice, you may not even recognize them. It's nice at the same time because you literally have the place to yourself.

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