Halloween is a special time of year. No matter what day of the week Halloween falls on, people will be venturing out. Starting the Thursday before the actual weekend, costumes are worn and instagram feeds are filled with some clever, some scary, some cute and some out there photos and that is when you know, Halloweekend has officially begun.

1. Picking A Costume

Arguably the most difficult part of Halloween. You have to pick out the best, most original outfit to show off at all of your events.

2. Getting Ready For The Party

Looking your best and perfecting your costume is key to a great night, so be extra careful when looking in the mirror!

3. The Pregame

Obviously since this holiday only comes around once a year, you have to start when happy hour starts!

4. Getting To The Party

You walk in and realize... maybe you went a little too hard with your costume. But you only get one weekend to be whoever you want so just roll with it!

5. The Actual Party

Everyone is out and the atmosphere is a lot crazier than normal. The excitement of the weekend and the fun costumes combined makes for a ~wild~ night.

6. Time To Leave

You and your friends had yourselves a night but the makeup is wearing off and your costume is covered in the drinks that were spilled on your throughout the night. Its probably just better to head home at this point.

7. Treat Yo Self!

A long night calls for some of your favorite late night food! Judgment free and guilt free (until the morning).

8. Doing It All Again

You may not want to, but there is no way you are getting out of going out and doing it all over again. Halloweekend only comes once a year so you might as well try to enjoy it!

Happy Halloween everyone!