Where has the time gone? Let me know. It seems like just yesterday I was starting my sophomore year of college and in the blink of an eye it's over. I feel like I've learned a lot this year. From girlfriends to guy friends time management, a lot has changed since I came in to college September 2017. When I first set out to write this article, I was going to make it some type of manual on how to survive your second year of college because I did something similar with surviving your first year of college, but I ran into a bit of a problem. Most people face similar issues when they come into their freshman year. That's not to say that everyone is going through the exact same thing, but generally large pieces of ice can apply to most incoming freshman in college. Sophomore year of college is a complete and utter tossup.

The things that people go through a completely unique to them, and while you will be hard-pressed to find others, there are 1 million ways to handle the same problem. You're continuing to grow and become an adult. You become more independent going home with friends over breaks rather than going home. You call home just a little less. You start to finalize the activities you're part of. After jumping headfirst into college freshman year, it seems hard to switch things up after so much time has passed. In the blink of an eye you are halfway through the four best years of your life.

The only piece of advice that I can offer with some level of certainty that it will help most people, is don't sweat the small stuff. This may seem to contradict what I've said in previous articles about stopping to smell the roses, but here's the difference. There's always going to be stress in your life, it's college, that's just the way it is. Keep trucking along though. For every crappy thing that's going to drag you down there will be four or five amazing things that will pull you back up again. If you spend your time focusing on the things that of stressed you out, you won't be able to enjoy the amazing things that come your way. You're halfway there. Be sure to take what you've learned in your first half of college and utilize it to get the most out of your second half.