6 Morning Habits You Must Avoid
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6 Morning Habits You Must Avoid

I know it is hard to start the day as successful people do with exercise and the perfect food and positive thoughts, but at least we can begin to avoid bad habits.

6 Morning Habits You Must Avoid

Mornings are hard because we must wake up and go to some places we may like or we may hate. Also, we must wake up at a specific time (I know it is healthy, but I love to stay in bed longer). My point is that nobody has problems or issues when they have to wake up on their vacations. I have an article about good practices for mornings, and this article is for those things we should avoid in our mornings.

1. Snoozing the alarm.


Viktor Hanacek

I have to admit I love to snooze my alarm a couple of times before I get out of the bed. I can't hear the alarm and be active. However, I have read many times that this is not good because our brain thinks we are going to keep sleeping; we may be in a deep sleep and we start the day stunned. With this behavior, we make our body and mind be confused.

2. Drinking coffee too early.


Yulia Chinato

We think we need to get caffeine as soon as we can, but the truth is our body is prepared to be active and awake in the mornings because of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol helps us every morning, but if we drink caffeine too early, we overexcite our brain. The recommendation is not to drink coffee or tea after three hours. A good tip is to eat an apple. Apples have some chemicals which can be more potent than caffeine.

3. Stay in the darkness.


Peter Heeling

As soon as we get out of bed, we should open the curtains and turn on the lights because the body needs to know it is daytime. Staying in the dark only confuses the brain which liberated melatonin because of the lack of light.

4. Overeat for breakfast.


Viktor Hanacek

If you are the kind of person who wakes up hungry, you must be careful. Breakfast is important, really important, but we cannot abuse it. Having a balanced breakfast is ideal with 20 grams of protein and some carbohydrates. Overeating carbohydrates will make you eat more junk food during the day.

5. Check your cell phone.


Karolina Grabowska

We are social media and smartphone addicts; then, the first thing we do is to turn off the alarm and check our cell phone. Stop doing that. The phone can wait. Use these first minutes of the day to plan your day, to have positive thoughts and to remember the people you love. Of course, avoid checking your work-email; the last thing you need as soon as you wake up is to know all the appointments, mistakes, duties, deadlines and complaints of your work. By the daytime, you will have enough time to be stressed.

6. Waste time.


Peter Heeling

Actually, we should avoid wasting time every moment, but mornings are crucial. Being organized is the best decision; then, we should plan our outfits, breakfast and first activities of the day the night before. We need to work automatically in the morning. Just go through the point.

I know it is hard to start the day as successful people do with exercise, perfect food and positive thoughts, but at least we can begin to avoid bad habits.

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