Girl Friends Are Just As Important As Girlfriends (If Not More)

Girl Friends Are Just As Important As Girlfriends (If Not More)

Snaps to all the girl friends out there.

I recently read an article from Clemson creator Maddie Rogers about how "Boy Friends Are Just As Important As Boyfriends," meaning that having a guy friend is just as important (if not more important) than having a romantic male partner. I think the same is true for guys on the other side.

Oh yeah, girlfriends are nice because they are always going out of their ways to be extra sweet to us, even when we don't deserve it. They remember all of the important things so we don't have to. They put up with our obnoxious habits when nobody else will, and that's how you truly know they love you. Perhaps most importantly, they pierce through the emotionless rocks that we once were and make us feel things we've never felt before.

Not to take away from girlfriends, because all of these things are nice, but girl friends do a lot of this and more.

Girl friends teach us about the hundreds of personalities a girl can have. Where a girlfriend might try to hide her bad sides to please you, a girl friend is going to go batshit crazy on you if she feels like it, or not. There is no sugarcoating a girl friend — you get her for what she is. She can be your cup of tea or your shot of whiskey.

Girl friends help us work on ourselves as men. Girl friends won't castrate you at a bar because you forgot to shave or just threw a shirt and hat on to go out-- odds are, your girl friend will help you embrace confidence no matter how you look. They might put up with more of your negative aspects, but they will still hold you to a standard and keep you in line when necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, your girl friend can be a go-to for things you can't talk to guys about but are embarrassed to talk to your girlfriend about. Emotions suck, and everyone has to deal with them differently — girl friends help a lot of guys out here get through it. These are the girls who can be like a big sister to you. But if a guy ever f***ed her over, you'd turn from boy friend to big brother REAL quick.

Girl friends can teach you more about girls in 10 minutes than your dad did your entire life. They help us see how girls REALLY think, where a girlfriend might disguise this. Girl friends help us men, as the dumber, more inferior gender, get things right before we attempt this "love" thing.

To quote Maddie from her article (because I absolutely loved this),

"(Girl)friends are great and are there for so much, but, without our (girl) friends, it's safe to say, we probably wouldn't have our (girl)friends."

Snaps to all the girl friends out there. To the ones who will put down a six-pack, go get pizza at 2 a.m., and give us the secrets to making our future girlfriends a little less mad at us every day.

Cover Image Credit: Austin Goodwin

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7 Friend Archetypes You'll Find In Each Friend Group, 100% Of The Time

I swear I've never met a friend group that didn't follow these exact guidelines.


I used to think that my group of friends and I were just an "elite unit," if you will, of a bunch of different types of personalities merged together that worked really well. But, then I started meeting other groups of friends and I realized that literally everyone of them had a pretty similar setup. It differs from group to group, but this is a pretty solid lineup.

1. The One With the House

You know what I'm talking about. This is the one that is always able to have the group hang out at their house. It is the go-to, but also the fallback. If nothing is going on, that's where you'll end up, but if something IS going on, you'll probably still end up there by the end of the night. If the party is boring or the group is tired, someone will suggest heading back to this person's house, and without question you're on your way there.

2. The One that Either Has or Will Get Arrested

This is the one category that I'm almost positive every group of friends has someone in. For my group, this guy HAS been arrested. For most groups, this person hasn't yet, but everyone collectively agrees that some point in their life they'll be behind bars for at least a night. It's not that this one is a bad person, they're just stupid.

3. The Smart One

Valedictorian. Kinda nerdy. Everyone loves this one though. They are usually the one putting logical reasoning into the group. This is the person that says "Maybe we shouldn't try to race this cop guys." GENIUS level intellect. They are there for almost everything, but tend to opt out of the stupid stuff the rest of the group decides to do. This is why this one will probably be the most successful

4. The Reliable One

This one will always be there in case somebody needs something. Car broke down? Stuck on a bad date? They'll be there to pick you up or pretend to be your mom telling you your hamster just died to get you out of there. This person can sometimes get the short shaft though, since a lot of times the rest of the group doesn't share the same reliability. Make sure to take care of your reliable friend like they do for you.

5. The One that Disappears for Weeks at a Time

They're in the GM, you see them liking pictures on Instagram, but haven't heard from them for three weeks. Come on, everyone has gotten together like six times since then, where are you? Regardless of their failure to show up all the time, they are never really "kicked out" of the group, and when they do come around, it's almost like nothing happened.

6. The Quiet One that is Wild Only When They're With Everyone Else

Now I KNOW every friend group has this person. They're really quiet and shy with people they don't know, almost unapproachable, but when they get with the rest of the group, they go absolutely nuts. This one is usually just as crazy as the friend that's probably gonna get arrested, they just do a better job at hiding it. This person struggles to ask the waiter for a refill, but will definitely jump off of the roof into a 5 foot pool with no thought to it.


7. The Big One

This is more prominent in guy friend groups that girl friend groups, but I've still seen it in girl groups as well. They're built like a freaking house. This is the one that's always down to fight, and the one you want next to you in a bar fight. Other than this, they're just a normal part of the group. Probably was a good high school athlete or solid club sports guy now.

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