Boyfriends are great. They are there for your hangry moods, your cuddly moments and all the cute Instagram pictures. It's nice to feel like you belong with someone and it's great. However, sometimes we forget about the other guys behind the scenes who make sure that we're able to keep those boyfriends without going crazy.

Not to discredit our boyfriends what all they put up with because we know, it's tough sometimes. But, little do our boyfriends know, without our boy friends, it could be so much worse.

Boy friends are the friends that put up with all of our mood swings, our rants about the boyfriends we have and still love us anyway. They love you no matter how crazy you're being and you don't mind being crazy in front of them. However, they'll definitely tell you if you're being crazy, so they're not necessarily afraid to hurt your feelings.

Your boy friends are honest and are able to give you the guy's perspective on what your boyfriend did to piss you off that day. They'll tell you that you're overreacting but they will be the first ones to stand up for you if your boyfriend really did you wrong.

These guys have been through enough to preach to you about being crazy. Sometimes, their stories about girls make you feel like the calmest, most normal girl in the world. So, take that criticism with a grain of salt, because chances are, they just don't want to see you turn into that crazy too.

Even better, boy friends could care less what you look like. You can go get McDonald's with them in sweatpants and your hair tied up without the least bit of judgment. Sure, our boyfriends don't mind it either from time to time, but at least we're not worried about making our boy friends look bad. There's literally no pressure in doing things with them, you're not together so who cares how good you look? But, definitely be prepared to get asked if y'all are dating.

These guys become more like brothers sometimes without us even noticing at first. They'll be there to protect you, give you a shoulder to cry on, tell you like it is and love you through it all. They sometimes don't get the credit for it that they deserve, but it would be impossible to live a sane life without them.

So, yes, it's great to have a boyfriend to post cute pictures with and hang out with all the time. Boyfriends are great and are there for so much, but, without our guy friends, it's safe to say, we probably wouldn't have our boyfriends.

So shoutout to y'all, boy friends, for never making us feel like we don't have someone to protect us or tell us what we need to hear. Thank you for sharing your stories about awful girls so that we know what not to act like. Thank you for treating us like one of the guys. We don't know what we'd do without you.