An Open Letter To The Guys Who Know Nothing About Commitment

Guys, you just don't get it. We don't need jewelry, flowers and gifts. We like your attention, we like to know that you want us and we only want you to put us high (if not first) on your list of priorities.

Sometimes, you're hard to figure out. You probably do it on purpose to keep us guessing.

You come after us, text us and claim you can't live without us. You give us your undivided attention and take us to dinner. On dates, you smile the biggest, most beautiful smile on the planet and tell us you want us to go far.

Then you back off. We're confused and frustrated.

Next, you spam our phones, telling us that it hit you like a train that you really want to be with us. Just like that, we're back to floating on cloud nine because we really like you.

Then you back off again. What the hell? Are you on drugs? Are you OK? Are you just stringing us along until something better comes along? Maybe you're just a f**kboy.

This hot-and-cold attitude gets old really quick, and our hearts have been broken and mended too many times — the glue isn't holding well anymore.

We know we're better off without you, but when you text us weeks later, our hearts jump and we stupidly text back. We are so happy. Maybe you finally came to your senses? Maybe you feel like we do?

But no, you're with someone else now. We are hurt. We feel dumb and used. What the hell do you want from us? Is it too much to ask you for honestly? To be straight with us? Even if it hurts, it wouldn't hurt worse than what you did.

Sorry to tell you that you chose the wrong girl, but you'll figure that out. And when you do, we won't be waiting...

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