Why Guys Are More Emotional Than Girls
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Why Guys Are More Emotional Than Girls

Get to the fallout shelter!

Why Guys Are More Emotional Than Girls

The myth that girls are emotional geysers is greatly exaggerated, and when compared to guys, they are high-school bubblers of emotion. Yes, girls show more emotion, and when they breakdown it tends to be more visible, but think about this for a second...

Have you ever seen a guy publicly freakout? and I mean really freakout in front of everyone? Probably not. Do you know why? Because guys know when they are about to snap, and the magnitude that is about to hit; however, there have been incidents where dudes freakout in public and to say the least: it's not pretty.

Sure, you'll be at a party and maybe see a girl who's had a little too much crying juice (wine/cheap vodka), and maybe Nathaniel (I'm calling him Nathaniel) over by the keg made her cry.

(Here's what Nathaniel looks like. you can pick which one is Nathaniel. The other kid can be Blake, but it's spelt weird, like Blaycke. So for the sake of the scenario, one of these two is making the girl cry.)

Anyway, the girl cries to her friend. Maybe if she's feisty, she throws hands at the guy, and thats pretty much it. Obviously, this isn't all girls, but society has accepted girls being outwardly emotional or even just emotional, where guys have had their manhood threatened their whole life if they so much as shed a tear.

And this is why guys are more emotional...

Guys will hold in their emotions and construct this internal hive of feelings. They will not even purge them in private because we have a 70-year old Vietnam Veteran Drill Sergeant for a conscience, screaming at us "Don't cry, you soft piece of veal! Do you know what I went through in Nam? And here you are about to weep over some starlet who doesn't think you're good enough for her? BE A MAN! SUCK IT UP YOU JACKASS! BE HAPPY YOU CAN SEE WITH BOTH EYES AND BREATHE WITHOUT A MACHINE! THIS GENERATION IS SOFT AS GRAPES!"

For the guys who have overcome this and replaced their conscience with Mr. Rodgers and from time to time get to cry a little, I envy you. Because most of the time guys are stuck doing this..

But for the rest of us guys, that hive of aguish and volcanic heat can't be pushed down after it reaches a certain point, and we explode... I mean decimate everything within a 60 mile radius.

We start throwing things, punching walls, cursing everyone, shouting things that are just irrelevant to the situation, blaming uninvolved parties. All logic and reason is lost. No one is safe.

Have you seen a girl act this way? No. They cry and maybe get overtly dramatic, but they generally keep it together and get over it by the following morning or at the very least get away from the eye of the storm.

Guys are a greek tragedy once they boil over. Guys will go on a week sometimes even month-long period of darkness just to purge all of their built up emotion.

And us Millenials can't forget the Emo-rock that flowed through our blood in middle school. You want to see some emotional dudes? Lets look at some bands....

My Chemical Romance

Need a tissue? Maybe a Sprite or some Cheetos? Just fast forward to the bridge where he's rolling around on the ground. Dude has something to get out of his system...

How about these guys?

The Used

"I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not".....dude why?

And then you have this guy...

That guitar line doesn't say this song will be about positive elements of his life. He literally jumps off an iceberg into freezing cold water, and this song is about a girl. Yo James Blunt, chill bro, let me grab you a beer and some bacon-wrapped pigs-in-a-blanket. You can't really get closer to heaven than that.

And those with Irish fathers will understand that when you were a kid and your mother told you, "Wait until I tell your father what you did!" that line put the fear of God into you because you knew your Dad was coming home to put you through the floor.

So if you see your guy-friend suddenly get very quiet and serious, chances are it's about to go down . Best thing you can do is bring him to a spot where he can break something without hurting anyone or himself. I recommend a punching bag, or a baseball bat to a chained-linked fence.

Otherwise it'll be like:



Or my personal favorite...

So, in conclusion, girls may show more emotion, but the power behind a guy's long and built up emotional eruption should be avoided like an F-5 tornado. You can't control it, and it's only going to destroy everything in its path.

Remember guys: It's not your fault.

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