A Broke B*tches Guide To Rocking Sweats

A Broke B*tches Guide To Rocking Sweats

This one is for the girls that think they look like Hailey Bieber stepping out of the house in their sweatshirts and joggers but in reality, they don't look any better than the frat boy that has yet to come out of his room since last Thirsty Thursday.

Welcome to your guide to navigating the fine line between street style and street corner.

It's cold, snowy and also somehow raining outside and wearing your average athleisure to class just isn't the most practical. I present to you the ultimate comfort alternative: The Sweatsuit. This 80's/early 90's vibe is so casually comfy and I am all about it. Following Hailey Bieber as our effortlessly gorgeous inspiration, here is the broke college girl's guide to achieving a chic and extremely comfortable in-style look for classes and chilling.

The Outfit


Think oversized. A matching sweatsuit set, there are great options out there but they can get a little pricy. You can find matching sweats in basically any department store, although they may not be marketed as a set. Walmart, for example, has many different colors of sweatshirts and pants that can be easily DIY'd into a cute set with tye-dye or just wear them plain!

For the spring switch out the sweat pants for biker shorts to make this cozy look more wearable for warmer weather.



Hoops. A must-have and a Hailey Bieber staple. Small, thick and gold baby! Pop 'em in. Check H&M.

Rings. You gotta have at least 1 or 2 on those phalanges, honey, slide 'em on. Again H&M.

Sunglasses. Hailey is seen wearing Celine cat-eye sunglasses with almost every sweatsuit outfit she wears out and about. Any large black chunky pair will give you the same stylish "don't look at me I'm famous" look.

Scrunchie. For the hair duh! Sksksk. Check Amazon.



Airforces, Adidas, Jordans, etc.,

Any shoe with a slight platform, usually white color based. A trend!



When wearing sweats I tend to stick to the most natural side possible. If you have a skin routine (which you should) then do that and lather on some sunscreen for a dewy glow. Brush the brows up to help sculpt your face and brush on some mascara, concealer, and blush if you are having a dull and not-so-cute face kinda day.



Mrs. Bieber wears her hair precisely middle-parted, this helps make you look more put together when you are wearing something so casual. You can opt to slick it back in a tight low bun or tuck half behind the ear. We want to show off our hoops, duh!

Go grab those sweats and rock em baby (maybe try and wife up our generations biggest pop star while you're at it too)!

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