Instagram. The place where artists, writers, photographers, businesses, and normal people meet. Be ready to show off every aspect of your life – embarrassing or not, to all your followers in hopes to gain more of them and be a representative of Fit Life Tea.

But what if your life lacks that excitement and aesthetic that all the other big Instagram accounts have? What if you don't wake up with white sheets and nice hair and perfect lighting? Well here is a guide for you. Follow it and you'll be gaining followers, representing brands, and fooling everyone into thinking your life is full of purpose and meaning.

1. Invest in a white sheet set.

Take off those patterned sheets you got when you were seven and replace them with crisp, white, sheets. That way, in the morning, if you want an "I just woke up" shot or a breakfast picture, you have a clean and comfy background. You also might want to buy bleach because you will spill, and the white will turn gross and you need those sheets as white as possible.

2. Get coffee and cute mugs.

You can't have a cozy and relatable Instagram without the coffee! Go to Target and buy a variety of mugs. You need at least one white mug, a floral one, and a few others that represent who you are as a person. Oh, and don't forget the inspirational quote mug.

Make sure you stock up on coffee as well, because you'll be making a lot of it. Mostly for the pictures. For every batch of coffee you use in a picture, you'll only drink about one cup out of it all.

3. Go to every event in your town.

You won't actually do anything though, or really fully enjoy it. Just go, bring a friend to take pictures of you, and throw up the photos on your feed and story. Be sure to add the location too so everyone knows you were there. You also may want to show up to the event with a cup of coffee or a cute bag - it makes the photo more real and relatable.

4. Only eat at restaurants with good lighting.

Check out a café's Instagram before you go there and see what others are posting about it. Ask yourself these questions: does it have good lighting? Aesthetic features? Would the food look good in a picture?

5. Don't be afraid to make food just for the sake of a photo.

Go buy those croissants to go with your morning breakfast shot! Bake some cookies and put it all on your story. Buy fruit for the photo, and make a cup of coffee to pull it all together. Maybe even throw in a book to show that you're well-read and some glasses – even though we all know you don't actually need them. Add a hand lifting the coffee cup? The possibilities are endless.

6. Learn calligraphy.

This is great for when you want to show your deep and sensitive side and put a shot of your journal on your story. Extra points if you can get the watercolor thing down.

7. Shoot with photographers.

Schedule a lot of shoots with photographers and have them take some stock photos of you for when you don't have anything exciting going on, but want people to think you do.

8. Your nails must be beautiful 24-7.

With all those hand shots, you will want nice nails to complement the picture. With this, you have two choices: either always make sure your nails are painted and not chipped or don't have your nails painted at all. If you just need a quickie, paint the one nail that will be showing in the picture real fast and take the photo.

9. Keep inspirational and deep captions on hand.

Caption your photos ahead of time. Every once in a while jot down ideas in the notes section of your phone to store away for later. It could be a story, a quote, or something you've recently learned. Add some great hashtags to it and it will be ready to post once you find a good picture that compliments your feed and aesthetic. Make sure the caption is at a minimum of 140 characters. Anything less than that brings you down an Instagram level.

10. Put EVERYTHING on your story.

I don't care if you are just watching TV, make sure you add that to your story and make sure everyone knows it. Show your favorite songs, your dog, concerts, work, writing, deepest secrets, you getting a haircut, going to the dentist, and on the toilet. Everyone must know what you are doing at every moment of every day. Because, if it isn't on Instagram, did you really do it?

With these tips, you will be on your way to showing people that you are living your best life – even if you aren't. Don't underestimate the power of what a white sheet and a cup of coffee can do. It can turn someone's boring and mundane lifestyle into a chic and fun Instagram life. This then spikes your popularity, increases those followers, and gets you free Fit Life Tea! Doesn't that sound rewarding?